'Walking on a Wire' 4-CD Boxed Set
7/16/2009 (updated 8/18/2009)

"This four-CD box documents more than four decades of peerless artistry" SPIN August 09

"The compilers have successfully woven the diverse colors of the singer/songwriter's rootsy traditional U.K. folk, rock and pop palette, uncovering dusty gems and a few rarities while stretching the canvas to explore the many faces of Thompson;s multi-sided personality. Neophytes to his extensive discography finally have a one-stop smorgasbord to sample the man's expansive accomplishments before diving into individual releases for further exploration, all of which are guaranteed to provide additional delights."AMERICAN SONGWRITER July/August 09

"one of the guitar community's most diversified and well-kept secrets, and one of the busiest songwriters of the 20th century's later half."FILTER Aug 09

"Walking On A Wire captures Thompson's tremendous range while still managing to mix in the best-known Thompson tunes ("Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight", "Shoot out the Lights", "1952 Vincent Black Lightning",etc.).UNDER THE RADAR Summer 09

"When a career spans time on the bandstand jamming with a certain James Marshall Hendrix, to covering a pre-crazy-farm Britney Spears song while well into your fifties, you've done something right." FILTER Aug 09

"a commendably comprehensive look at his story so far, both for relative newcomers to Thompson's music who might be looking to catch up and for longtime fans who need to patch holes in their collections."DIRTY LINEN August 09

"Richard Thompson is the kind of guitar player other guitar players revere. It's not just his technique, nor the fact that he's equally at home with an electric or an acoustic guitar. He's also a songwriter of uncommon skill. And over the past 40 years, he's written some classics. Now, in honor of Thompson's 60th birthday, Shout Factory Records has released Walking on a Wire, a four-disc overview of his career."NPR August 09

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Complete Track Listing

A 4-CD box set celebrating 40 years of Richard Thompson's music titled Walking On A Wire is coming soon! Thompson has had an illustrious career that stretches back over 40 years. Songs from every Richard Thompson album are represented on Walking On A Wire, beginning with the trail-blazing folk-rock group Fairport Convention as well as his 20 plus years as a critically acclaimed solo artist.

The songs chosen for this selection of his work were carefully assembled and aim to provide a real sense of Richard Thompson, as well as to celebrate the diversity of his music - rock 'n' roll with folk, jazz, rockabilly and the old waltz thrown in - the scope of his songwriting, and the sheer virtuosity of his playing. Walking On A Wire impressively includes 71 tracks from albums released on 15 different labels, and includes a 60 page booklet with new notes by Patrick Humphries.

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