June/July Qs, Part IV

I am not sure if this has ever been asked before but we are just curious if you by chance are a football fan. If you are - could you say who you follow? My husband thinks since you're from London probably Arsenal - for some unknow reason I think you are a Celtic fan - I'm not sure why. Anyway just a small bet between us. We always see you whenever you play NY/NJ - looking forward to your shows this fall have our tickets already. Thanks very much for your time.

I am a Celtic fan, and Queen Of The South. I grew up hating Arsenal, but they are a fab team these days. Because of my son and his godfather (Danny T) I probably prefer Chelsea in the Premier League, with a soft spot for Man U since Munich, and another for Liverpool, because I love Stevie G.

I saw Richard for the very manyth time last Thursday in Durham. It was a great show, the selection of tracks was outstanding and the guitar playing was, as always, brilliant. Its hard to pick out one particular track but Woods of Darnay was simply magnificent as was everything else actually. Anyway, on the way home I was listening to tracks from the Fairport Convention live at the BBC set and it occured to me that we are still waiting for the RT live at the BBC box. I first became aware of Richard in 1981 and since then he has recorded an enormous number of live and studio sessions for the BBC. There was a Richard and Linda concert from the Shoot Out the Lights tour, Nocturnes on BBC2, any amount of R & L stuff from folk on 2 (one particuarly memorable live one with Simon Nicol when a song called 'Modern Woman' was played - I don't think this has ever been available elsewhere) and of course there are the 4,923 Andy Kershaw sessions, all of which contained a version of 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. My breath is baited, come on Richard let us have an RT meets Aunty box! Best wishes, Neil Anderson

The last time the Beeb proposed a live at the BBC set, I didn’t like the selection. It may be time to go back.

- I read that your friends with Harry Shearer. You must have seen the movie Spinal Tap. Isn't it fantastic? Being a touring rock star/guitar hero yourself, you must have had some Spinal Tap moments in your career. Anything you could amuse us with?

I’ve written a song about the worst tour I’ve ever been on, which should be on the next CD. There could be a whole film about the Krumlin Festival in Yorkshire, in 1970. Simon Nicol was so plastered, he spent the whole of Fairport’s set sitting cross-legged in front of his amp, playing ragas, regardless of the various keys and tempos of the songs going on around him. When we turned his amp off, he didn’t seem to notice the difference.

- Do you watch and like Curb Your Enthusiasm? Best regards, Linus Johnson in Stockholm, Sweden

I like it. It’s fun location-spotting, they shoot a lot of it near my house.

first, what ever happened to your sexy les paul gold top standard with the P 90 pick ups? did u trade it off for the strat or is it somewhere in the attic??

I sold it to John Martin. He had it stolen about a week later.

second, and i think i asked for this before, i found your version of Adieu Adieu to be the best, what chords are you using if you don’t mind me asking. i paid for a Martin Simpson tab but as good as he is, he uses too many notes sometimes that can detract from the piece and its lyrics, so i didn’t enjoy using that tab for that song.

My harmony is based on the Watersons’ version of the song. I don’t have TAB for it, because I don’t have a standard way of playing it.

||G / / / / / | / C / G D / | G C / G D | G Em / C D / / | G / / C D / | G
Em / Am D / / | G / / C D |G

Note extreme irregularity of bars, which I can’t render very well in this format. At the end of bar 3, there is an extra half-beat on the D chord.

and lastly, how do you find learning music theory helped, and developed your skill as a musician and a song writer?? Niall Curran, Cork, Ireland

Please see previous Q and As for full answers on this subject. I short, it all helps.