Fez Under Time Cafe, NYC
4/16/2003 (updated 4/16/2003)

Kind thanks to Joanne Wood

Bend It Like Thompson
[Fez under Time Cafe, NYC, 4/14/03]

"Welcome to our little soiree." Thus RT greeted the eighty or so
assorted press folk and industry others who crammed themselves into the
tiniest of underground clubs in lower Manhattan for an intimate solo
acoustic sneak-peek at his forthcoming-in-the US cd, "The Old Kit Bag."

Though forty-five minutes is obviously too short a time to do his new cd
justice, RT's welcome invited us to treat the evening's event as a sort of
musical wine-tasting -- not a full-out party, but just a sip of the heady
vintages to come when the cd and full band tour are finally uncorked.

Judging by the enthusiastic response to the show and the awed comments I
overheard afterwards, I'd say RT definitely sent that entire roomful of
people home Monday night thirsty for more.

First, the setlist, which consisted of all OKB songs with one 1000 Years
song [another upcoming cd -- available with luck by NYC shows] thrown in
for good measure:

Outside of the Inside
She Said It Was Destiny
A Love You Can't Survive
So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo
Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen
Jealous Words
I'll Tag Along
One Door Opens

RT's chosen comic theme of the evening was "why I never have hits" [eg,
of the early, colloquial Italian of "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo", RT observed
in mock rue,"I might have shot myself in the foot again, hit-wise"], but
many of the audience members seemed to think otherwise of the new album:
"They're ALL hits!"
one particularly optimistic man called out, to which
RT responded, "All -- or _none_", inviting audience members to be the
judge as he played one brilliant new tune after another.

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