August/September Questions, Part IV
10/5/2009 (updated 10/5/2009)

1) How is it looking for a release of "Cabaret of Souls" for the general pubic? I know I've asked before, but I would really like to hear it so I figured I'd be a pest and ask again.

We are unable to obtain clearances from all the musicians at this time, so it may never be released. If not this, then a future recording will be available, but that possibility is a year away, at least. Meanwhile, the International Society of Bassists is still offering donor packages to make up its shortfall on the project. Some of these levels include a copy of the recording.

2) Is there any chance that when Richard plays with Loudon Wainwright He can play "Here Come the Choppers"? I know it's not something they have done together, and although I love Bill Frisell he lacks RT's ferocity in playing and that song begs for RT to play it. Celia

I’ll ask my pal.

Recently I saw Ang Lee's wonderful new film, "Taking Woodstock" and it got me to thinking. With the 40th anniversary of Woodstock having come and gone, where did you and Fairport play that historic weekend? Did you have any desire or interest to play at Woodstock? Did your manager broach the subject of pursuing a booking there? What was your (and the band's) general sentiment about the festival? Cheers, Douglas Alan Feinstein

At the time it was happening, I don’t think we were very aware of it – it was far away. We had never played outside of Europe, and our US debut was still a year or two away. I remember thinking later how clichéd it all was, and how I didn’t feel part of any ‘movement’. It was a less political time in the UK, too.

Since you use many fingers on the right hand when you play, how come you use a flat pick instead of finger picks? How did you develop that style?

I learned flatpicking and fingerpicking, and would forget to put the pick down when switching.

My second question. I experience that some of your songs are very personal. Isn't hard to sing them night after night? Last spring I was really shot down by friendly fire. I've come over it but talking about it to much opens up the wound. If I talked about it every day I would most certainly go mad!

A song becomes a song, however personal it is, and you find a way to deal with the content.

My last question. How did you develop your rhythm playing? If I'm not totally wrong you often play few strings and don't strum all of them.
Thanks again. All the best, Thomas

I don’t strum much, mostly hybrid flat/fingerpick for rhythm.

Is there any chance of the tuning/chords for Waltzing for Dreamers that you do at your solo shows? I think it is normal tuning with 3rdfret capo but I cannot recall exactly. I could wait till Oct 9th when the songbook will be out but just in case there is a delay...

Capo 3 drop D


|| F / / | / / / | / / / | / / / | C / / | F / / | Bb / / | F / / | rpt

|C / / | C over Bb / / | Gm / / | C / / | Bb / / | / / / | C / / | / / / |


| F / / | Bb / / | F / / | Bb / / | Dm / / | G / / | C / / | F / / || rpt

Also you did an arrangement of Brights Lights on the last tour (New Brighton Aug 2009). I expect this is too much to tab but any info would be useful, unless of course it is all in the book! Has it always been that arrangement when you do it solo? It just struck me on that night. Totally invigorating!!!! Come back soon to NW or even North Wales...still got good memories of your gig on Anglesey! Dav Devalle

I’ll need to TAB it another time – tuning for solo acoustic is CGDGBE.

On your website you're quoted as saying you like your Ferringtoncaster best of all. I dearly love the deep warm sound of your old Stratocaster on your 70's records and would choose it over the brighter sound of the Ferringtoncaster any day. Do you prefer the Ferringtoncaster's sound or how it plays? Fred Hughes

I prefer the sound and the playability of the Ferrington, and I find little tone difference – they’re all vintage pickups. Maybe the amps changed.

Re: How come northern California is the only spot to NOT get Loud and Rich? Huh? Why why why?

We are aware…hope we can do it sometime.