Flynn - Fan Fotos
11/2/2009 (updated 11/2/2009)

Loud & Rich
10-03-09 Flynn Theatre
Burlington, VT

There are no superlatives left in my vocabulary to describe Richard Thompson these days. He just keeps getting better & better and that just doesn't seem possible. How do you improve on perfection?

Terri, her brother Herb & I had the Very Rare treat to enjoy our time with 'Loud & Rich' early October at the Flynn Theatre Burlington, VT. What a Brilliant Show...both men Incredible as solo or together!

Here are some photos of our time with Louden & Richard after the show. As Terri says, "seeing Richard is like getting together with an old don't know how much you miss him until your in his presence again"!

The new "Live Warrior" CD is a Stunning achievement. It's like being at the concert all over again! We should know, we saw that '07 Tour TWICE, once in Peekskill, NY in June and the last US show at UCLA the end of September hanging out with the band after the show! Phew! Heady stuff! Richard & Nancy always so gracious.

Thank You!! Dave Rounsaville