RT in Hawaii Press
11/19/2009 (updated 11/27/2009)

It's obvious that Thompson's path has been shaped by songwriting and mastering the six-string,
but if his music career hadn't panned out the way he wanted? "I would have been a visual artist,"
he said. Thompson said he dabbles in drawing and watercolors. Who knew that even rockstars
have a plan B?

"Hawaii's a wonderful place to relax," he said, "I feel there's no pressure while we're there. Even when I'm home, there something that needs fixing or the phone's always ringing. We're never long enough there, but this year, we're spending 10 days. ... I wish I could spend a year there."

So it's not time to rest on his laurels?

"Certainly not, we never rest," he humorously affirms.

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