November/December Answers, Part II
1/15/2010 (updated 1/17/2010)

I enjoyed seeing you recently with Loudon Wainwright at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have seen you perform many times over the years. However, this concert made merecall my first time seeing you. It was at the MichiganTheatre for the Ann Arbor Folk Festival and Ithink it was thewinter of 1984. You were on the same bill with David Bromberg and Steve Goodman. I remember them calling you outon stage to jam with them at the close of the festival.

Steve Goodman died 25 years ago this year. (For those who are interested, there is a wonderful biography out written by Clay Eals). Do you have any memories of playing or speaking with the late Steve Goodman? Tom Wasserman

Not someone that I knew well, but on the occasions that I worked with him, he was very likeable, and of course a great talent. I can't believe we lost him 25 years ago - but what a great legacy he left us - they'll be singing his songs for many years to came. I saw him probably in the last month of his life, and he was so positive, and so energised by music, in spite of his obvious physical deterioration. That was quite a lesson in living.

Do you have any recommendations on a Bubble and Squeak variation? Celeste Coughlin

I take it you mean the popular 'fry up' of leftovers from the Sunday lunch? And not the cockney rhyming slang for 'Greek'? I thought it all depended on what was left over, rather than something that you sat down and thought about. I think it has to have potatoes and sprouts (could substitute another green vegetable) to be considered authentic. For the uninitiated, the name comes from the noise it makes when cooking. I think the idea is to squash it all flat into a kind of cake, and get it nicely burned on the outside.

As a point of interest, the British, especially the Southern English, use the suffix 'up' to emphasise many strange things, e.g.

fry up: a lot of fried food, deliciously bad for you
rave up: a party and then some
piss up: a few drinks
burn up: going fast on a motorcycle
ton up: achieving 100 m.p.h. on the same
divvy up: dividing the spoils
punch up: fisticuffs
cock up: a mishap
nause up: that which induces nausea, or another mishap
slap up: followed by the word 'feed', a large meal in the Beano comic

Richard, so you still play Scrabble a lot, or is it only when you are on tour with Danny? Do you remember your highest score? And on the subject of games, do you play cribbage, the best card game of all? All the best, wudzi

I play on the road, and a bit on line these days, and against the computer. My highest score is 596, I think. My high score for one move is 302, which i think was 'PARQUETS' across two triples, Q on the double. I used to play Cribbage with my Grandad, but not much since. Is it really better than 6 Pack Canasta?

Re: question and alternate route re: '52 Vincent...
First, thanks for the great all-request show at the (NY) City Winery. Conspicuous by its absence was '1952 Vincent Black Lightning' but the rarities made up for that. One question: I know there's a great and long tradition of picking in that style but a couple of the licks reminded me specifically of John Fahey's playing, particularly the banjo-style "triplet rolls". Any comments? John Foley

Im not a John Fahey fan. I learned triplet rolls from Clarence Ashley

Saw part of an interview last night with Gordon Lightfoot. I believe hes around your age but hes had a hard time health-wise in recent years (& in earlier times with the bottle so I understand) and looks a little the worse for wear & tear compared to yourself. A Canadian icon nevertheless. I know Fairport covered at least one of his songs. Any thoughts on his career? Did you ever meet? Brian Hayes, Nepean ON Canada

Mr. Lightfoot is about ten years my senior, thank you very much. Trevor Lucas was very influenced by him, and thats probably where I first heard him. I think hes a great singer and writer, and definitely an influence on me.

Attended the "Loud and Rich" performance at Royce Hall last Friday. Was particularly captivated by Sunset Song...just mesmerizing
Is the tuning available? Thank you for all the wonderful music. Ren Ayala

The tune and TAB will be available in the RT songbook, now due around late February.