November/December Answers, Part V
1/15/2010 (updated 1/15/2010)

Any plans to bring the Loud & Rich tour - or any other! - to the UK in 2010? Peter

Maybe not 2010, but it is a possibility in the future.

How is it you haven't pursued becoming more of a jazz guitarist? Bruce Young, Santa Cruz, CA

I get to eat. 

I have always enjoyed the songs that you have written as a riposte to or a re-working of a well known existing song.  I’m thinking of songs like –
‘Sights and Sounds of London Town’
‘Johnny’s Far Away’
‘Psycho Street’
‘Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne’

In a similar vein would you consider doing a reworking of ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen? I hate the way that this song is played after the culmination of every sports event and would like to have an alternative to play in my head as a barrier to the waves of celebratory smugness.

There is a quote from Scottish Footballer, Steve Archibald, that says “Team spirit is just an illusion glimpsed when you are winning”.  That is the essence of the vibe that I would like to see evoked in a reworking. I don’t mean to impose but if you have a spare half hour I’m sure you could do a cracking job on this important project. Sam Wilson, Cheltenham, UK

You’re right. It’s time. I’ll see what I can do

Given your disdain for live recordings it might seem odd that you would choose to record your new album "on the road."  Simply put, why now?  Also, surely these are not all the dates with a band!  There are still a few of us out here in the American hinterland who enjoy a little inner ear bloodletting now and then.  Robert Jordan

What prompted your decision to record the new album live as opposed to in the studio?  Cost?  The live vibe? Thanks. Douglas Alan Feinstein

At first, I was looking for ways to save money, but then it seemed a good idea anyway.

My only disdain is for bad live recordings, that is, the ones where you have an off night. Recording multiple nights means we can cherry-pick the best performances. The ‘real’ tour is scheduled for October in the US, January 2011 in Europe.

So, how about those Kings?  Are they for real? As I watch my Red Wings struggle with injuries, I can only look up in awe!! Brian Hayes, Ottawa ON

The Kings aren’t quite the real deal yet, but in the next couple of seasons they should develop a consistent way of playing, which the Wings have had for about 18 years! I’ll definitely tip the Wings for the playoffs, and the Kings – maybe.

None of my business I know but, being emotionally overwhelmed on Saturday midnight at Cropredy this year, I'm curious as to what all the band do when you leave the stage and the arena ? Without asking you to go into too much detail, I can't imagine you all just going home to bed after such a stupendous show. Do you all go on somewhere else and sing until dawn, or go your separate ways ?

Also - the finale when you came onstage at the end of Matty Groves this year with the seven piece Fairport - how planned was that ? It sort of looked as though you were all drawing on something special for those last few minutes - one of the most exciting things I've seen in many a year. James Howard

I’m usually struggling to get gear offstage, get to the hotel before they lock me out, etc. I have stayed behind and enjoyed a chinwag from time to time, which is pleasant, and a nice way to unwind. The finale this year was planned, but not exactly rehearsed.

You mention it in "Business on You", one of my favorite songs. Did Wordsworth have an actual tattoo and if so, what did it look like? I asked a librarian friend to research it after I couldn't find anything on the web, but neither of us came up with anything. Or does tattoo refer to military drumming? Thanks! Siobhan Keleher

In my dream, on which the song is based, Wordsworth had a classic seaman’s anchor tattooed on his arm. I don’t think they were fashionable among the lake poets at the time. Virginia McKenna was in my dream too…

I think it was at the show on social issues at Montalvo Arts Center in 2008 that RT did a version of Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes.” Is it possible that this version, or another version by him, will turn up on the next season of “Weeds”? Pam

We can only hope.