November/December Answers, Part VI
1/14/2010 (updated 1/14/2010)

On the recent Spectacle show, I see that he is using a beautiful sonic blue Fender Telecaster with three pickups, and an extra toggle switch. This guitar appears to have his favorite combination of neck P90, bridge tele, and strat middle pickups. Do you mind giving details of the particular pickups, as well as the custom wiring?Thanks kindly, Gary Carr

The guitar was borrowed from guitar tech Bobby Eichhorn. He says:

The Pickups are all Kent Armstrong


Bridge/Vintage Hot TL4R

Wiring is standard 5 position switch: 1 Bridge, 2 Bridge/Mid, 3 Mid, 4 Neck /Mid, 5 Neck.
Toggle switch engaged/ Position 1 Neck/Bridge, Position 2 all 3 pickup active.

Folks who are not familiar with Kent, Back in the day when Bill Lawrence had his shop in NYC, (Perhaps Bill was the first one offering his own boutique replacement pickups at that time as well as repairing and rewinding pickups) there were 2 guys working for Bill in that shop, One was Larry Dimarzzio and the other was Kent Armstrong!

My wife have been regulars at your "all request shows" and I saw your Friday show at Villa Montalvo this December. At least on the Friday show it seemed that there were more requests for non RT songs. Though it's entertaining to see you artfully juggle these requests, I'd like to see more requests for RT songs. Do you foresee limiting requests at future shows to just RT songs? Harry W. Edwards

If I thought people would rather just hear my songs, then I would change the format. The feedback I get is that folk seem to like the mixture.

Just watched the Spectacle program - excellent!  Was that the first time you've performed a Grateful Dead song?  If you were to do another, which would it be? Mark in Virginia

It was the first time. For an encore, perhaps something off Working Man’s Dead?