3/2/2010 (updated 3/2/2010)

Daevid Langdon (and others):

21. Could you share some thoughts about playing with Levon Helm, Allen
Toussaint and others on Spectacle with Elvis Costello. Is this an honour or
just hurrying with hardly any time for rehearsals, hardly any influence on
what to play but an offer one could not refuse?

RT: It was an honour and a thrill to play with Allen, Nick and Levon, and of
course Elvis, and my old pal Pete Thomas. I loved all of it, the peak for me
probably getting to sing Rick Danko's verse of The Weight with Levon's
backbeat about three feet behind me. And to play on Certain Girl - wow! The
Apollo is a special place too - a lot of ghosts in there.

Richard Condon:

22. (slightly facetious)
Some fans have occasionally fantasized about a re-recording of the songs
from "Henry The Human Fly" with your present voice and guitar prowess adding
a dimension to the original. If this were to happen, would your wife make
you change the woman's name in "Shaky Nancy"? (I have always assumed that it
was for such a reason that when "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" was
filmed starring Richard Burton the heroine's name was changed from Liz to

RT: She might - although that name is so common in folksong, and was a
generic name for a sweetheart in times past.

Paul Woods:

23. Any thoughts of recording, and/or playing more instrumentals in concert?

RT: No.

24. Will we get more News from Home? (and/or could someone consider
publishing a collected edition of previous episodes from the series?)

RT: I'm not very inspired to take it up again, not to mention, busy.

Pam Winters:

25. Does it become easier to write songs over time (that is, with years of
experience)? Or more difficult? Do you still keep "office hours"?

RT: It gets easier to get to the mental state needed to create, harder to
not repeat yourself. Office hours still apply, but it's an early office (7 -

26. Have you been to India and, if so, is the Indian food better there than
in London?

RT: I haven't, but I'm told it's very different.

27. Did you actually attend Burning Man? If so, when? Were you isolated in
any way from the full experience, or was it as hardcore as they say?

RT: I was totally immersed in the experience, for better or worse. Some good
things, some very strange things, some really bad things, Interesting social

Mike Andrews:

28. What do you think of Graham Parker's version of 'Madness Of Love' on
said CD?

RT: It's fine. I like Graham Parker.

29. Why have you never recorded it on an album specifically under your own
name? (Gloom & Doom doesn't count, even though we must be thankful for small

RT: Because it's old, and I want to do new things. It missed its time.


Bob Dubery:

30. If the selectors keep on picking South Africans to play cricket for
England, is there a chance that you will get sufficiently confused about
which country is which that you would end up playing shows in Johannesburg
and Cape Town?

RT: Yea