3/1/2010 (updated 3/1/2010)

31. Talking of cricket, how seriously do you take 20-20 matches?

RT: I hate them. I'd dump limited overs cricket of any kind. Test Matches
are the only true contest between countries.

Michaelis Michael:

32. What do you think of the new look Australian team? Are they the
real deal? They've had a stunning southern summer but do they flatter
to deceive? Cam White for captain when Ponting steps down? Steve
Smith, will he be able to fill the role of legspinner and handy

RT: I'd have thought Michael Clarke for captain next. Cam White needs to be
on a few tougher tours first. I haven't seen Steve Smith yet. They are still
a ways short of the Warne/McGrath era, and I think sit at about #3 in the


Bob Dubery:

33. The forthcoming songbook - what is the level of detail there? Do we get
tabs, notes about tunings? Is it just the lyrics and melody line? Estimated
time of arrival?

RT: Many songs have notation and TAB, easy ones just have top line and
chords/lyrics. All tunings are given. We are getting final quotes from
printers in the US and Europe. Should be a month.

Chris Woods:

34. Bob Dylan, and also I believe Tom Petty, have DJed radio programmes
recently. Would you like the chance to have a radio programme of your own
and if so what sort of music would you like to showcase and why?

RT: Tom Petty's show is my favourite. I could do a one off, I suppose, but a
whole series? And me with a bit of a stammer? Especially on the radio?

Paul Woods:

35. Any pets in the current Thompson household? Have there ever been?

RT: We've always had cats, and having a naturalist for a son, various frogs,
stick insects, hamsters, etc. Currently, we have 3 cats, Duke, Raimundo, and
Carmen, all about a year old, and all rescued from the shelter.

36. Do you find it hard/tiresome to be so much admired?

RT: (sigh)

Pat Clear:

37. Give Greece back its marbles? YES/NO

RT: I really see both sides of this debate, and don't know where to cast my
vote. I wish someone would give me back my marbles.