Answers April 2010, Part III
5/4/2010 (updated 5/4/2010)

I bought the Hand of Kindness album from a charity shop many years ago and played it to death. Recently my wife decided to bring me into the 21st century and bought the the cd. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a 'new' track 'Where the Wind Don't Whine'. Now I'm a bit confused was I originally short changed the first time around or has this track been added for the cd release? Anyway I'm really pleased because it's now one of my favourite tracks. I've booked tickets for the Meltdown festival. Best Regards, Steve

‘Whine’ was an outtake from the original album, which is bundled in to some re-releases as a ‘bonus’ feature. If you ask me (and you are), it has no place on this album. It was left off for the right reasons (not good enough). But that’s just me.

If you were forced to buy a brand new Fender Stratocaster - is there a particular model in their current production line, or from their custom shop, that you have experience with that you would consider employing?

Please look at the Gear and Tunings page on this website – the penultimate entry shows the Strat the Bobby Eichorn assembled for me, with a description of the parts. This is a very good guitar that suits me well. You could go to the custom shop and tell them all the things you like, and get something made up. The quality of the components would be higher than stuff off the assembly line, I’m sure.