RT News
5/8/2010 (updated 5/8/2010)

Richard Thompson recently contributed to the soundtrack of Baraboo, a film directed/written/produced/edited by Mary Sweeney, a Professor of Screenwriting at USC.

The BARABOO soundtrack is an eclectic mix of original compositions by Joel Savoy, Emma Beaton & Chris Stafford, additional compositions by Richard Thompson, metal compositions by Riley Sweeney Lynch and Dean Hurley, and Edison recordings from the early 20th century. The Edison recordings served as an inspiration to Savoy, Beaton and Stafford, and the album includes their covers and remixes of them. Richard Thompson covers the Savoy, Beaton, Stafford compositions, with vocals by Caitlin Notey.

Other recent newsbits:

  • RT played on two tracks for the upcoming
    Teddy Thompson CD
  • RT played on one track for the upcoming
    Don Henley CD