May Answers, Part III
6/22/2010 (updated 6/22/2010)

Any possibility of an early release of the new stockbroker song, perhaps an acoustic version (like you did with 'Dad's gonna kill me') for the Huffington post, maybe? Max Cuthbert

Could be an idea.

What of your work did your Dad most admire? Which, if ever, live performances of yours, did he attend? And who, if ever, did he express admiration for of your singer-songwriter contemporaries?

Praise was not my father's strongest suit. He and my mum came to many shows, and he expressed more of an overall enjoyment of a show, without being too specific. If I'd done an album called 'Dick Does Django' he would have liked that. He would often suggest improvements to the repertoire of my school band, tunes like 'Dinah' and 'Honeysuckle Rose' which I might take to heart more now, but it wasn't the coolest thing to be playing in 1965.

What is your take on the work of Dan Bern? Ryan Bingham?

Don't know them.

With the "Spectacle" performance now in the books, any talk of future recording with Levon and maybe Garth? Bruce H Young, Santa Cruz, CA

Not just now.

Hi Richard, any plans to release any more live DVDs? Someone on Youtube uploaded some footage from the mock tudor tour and the guitar work was jaw dropping!!! Would you consider releasing any DVDS from those shows? Thanks, Pieter, Kent

I don't know if anything is recorded.

Have you got anything against "Dead Man's Handle"? It's not made your songbook and I always had a soft spot for it. There are other songs from that album that have made it but which I think are not as good.

I am not so fond of it myself. Of course there will be disagreements over the contents of the song books, that is only to be expected.

Have you been asked to appear on TMS's "View from the Boundary" whilst you're over for Meltdown? I think you would be a fine guest. If you haven't, let us know and we'll storm the BBC by email. Regards, Mike Daniels

Yes, storm away please. I'm very jealous that Hugh Cornwell got to do it.

So, Meltdown approaches - for the 'I'm sorry I Haven't a Clue' performance will there be any cameo appearance to provide the musical accompaniment, casting yourself in the role of Colin Sell? Or perhaps playing one song to the tune of another? I'm sure it would be a novel way to delve through your back catalogue, offering endless possibilities of re-interpretation. One can only hope that your talents would not incur the opprobrium heaped on the hapless Colin............ Regards, Mark Packer

I was asked to participate in a musical segment, but declined - I wanted the unalloyed pleasure of watching the whole show without having to be side of stage and worrying about 'my bit'. The performance was fantastic - hard to breathe at times it was so funny. A great pleasure meeting the cast, nice gents all.

Any plans to tour again with Earl Harvin? I saw two shows on your 2003 tour and thought he was fantastic. The band was ferocious. I understand that Harvin is a jazz drummer from Dallas. How did you find him? Gary Stern

Earl is one of Michael Jerome's best friends, so when Michael was unavailable for a tour, Earl stepped in. He's a great player, plays regularly with Seal, and now lives in Berlin. He is originally from Dallas, and I think he and Michael had the same percussion teacher. No plans to work with him just now.