Q&A: Jun/Jul/Aug, Part I
9/2/2010 (updated 1/3/2011)

Richard, any chance of seeing you and the band in Australia in the relatively near future? I saw you at Tilleys in Canberra on your last two visits which was great but I really, really, really would love to see the band at least once in my life. Fingers are crossed. Jack

My fingers crossed too. And toes. Looking forward to you visiting Australia again.

Given that the economics of bringing a band means we've missed out so far, how about a "bucket night"? I'm waiting for your clever segue between Catch the Wind and Long Way To The Top!

Any chance that Richard would bring his band to Australia? We usually only get solo sets here.

I thought that Richard + band playing the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow on my birthday (I was born in Scotland) was an alignment of the stars. But it would be a very expensive concert with all the travel! Regards, David Attwood

Any chance of the great man touring Australia again? Cheers, Sam

I'm also hoping to get the band to Oz before too long. Clever segues is the name of the game on bucket nights, and of course remembering the words. I'll keep it in mind.

I recall you were a Goons fan? How about Python, and is there anything recent that appeals? Richard (Melbourne)

I like a lot of British comedy. Python sketches are part of the language now. My favourite TV show was Not Only But Also, which still stands up, what's left of it, as the greatest in my estimation. Father Ted runs a close second. I like a bit of stand up too - Michael Macintyre is brilliant.

Re: Loud & Rich - Napa show 5/28/10
This was a particularly fabulous show. Loudon was great, Rich's vocals have never been better, both played the shit out of their guitars, the song choices were superb, and the sound was excellent.

And, since people actually want to pay for recordings this good, I propose that the entire show, including both of their sets and all the tunes they played together including encores, be released and made available as a downloadable double-album recording here and possibly on Loudon's site too. Will you look into it? Please? Pretty please? Kristen Lindquist

Not sure that show was recorded, but similar shows have been. It might be seen as a strange marketing idea by those who market. Very glad you liked the performances.

I wonder if you can help? I was about to purchase the three songbooks. But I cannot, to my shame, read music. How many of the songs have chords (TABs? - that what is meant my TABs?) for rudimentary guitar players like me? I hope it is most of them otherwise it will, sadly, not be much good to me. Peter MacMahon

All songs have chord diagrams - little fretboards showing where to put your fingers. Some songs have TAB, which is a method of rendering guitar music which is easier to read than standard musical notation.

I passed through a range of emotions on seeing the bill for the Nutmeg & Ginger shows with Philip Pickett, consisting approximately of astonishment, enthusiasm, anticipation, joy, excitement, and finally disappointment as I realised that my chances of making it to Chelsea or the Low Countries to see any of the shows are roughly zero. So - can it please be recorded and released somewhere, record companies and commercial realities permitting? It would make me and the rest of the vast army of "Bones of All Men" owners very happy.

Any chance of a Toronto gig in the next year or two,by the way? It's been... some time...Ash Baker

We have no recording plans for that, but are hoping to do more shows in Europe next summer. The RT electric band might be playing Toronto.

A few months ago I attended the concert of a 60-something year old singer who was very popular in the late 60s and early 70s. How shall I put this, um, tactfully? The years have not been kind to his voice. You, sir, on the other hand...your voice seems to have improved over the years. (Ah, like a fine wine, of course.) To what do you credit your voice improving? Bambi Vargo

I'm a late developer, I don't punish it too much, and I've been lucky so far. For fuller answers, we've dealt with this on previous Q&As.

As I write, a 1960 movie called "The Last Voyage" is on the TV. It seems to involve a sinking ocean liner. In the opening scene, the captain is handed a five-word note that reads "Fire in the Engine Room." Coincidence, or did I just overtake a song title inspiration? Best, Paul Birch

Could have been lurking in the subconscious since 1960, but I don't recall seeing that film.

I was expecting to hear "Time's Gonna Break You" on Cabaret Of Souls (which was great, by the way), but I didn't. And it doesn't seem to be included on Dream Attic. Will it be released?

Don't know.

I loved your versions of Nelly Furtado's "Maneater", Ray Price's "All Right (I'll Sign The Papers)" and The Korgis' "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime". So I'm wondering, will that 1000 Years-show be released? Linus Johnson, Sweden

I hope we can do an updated CD of 1,000 Years at some point - we don't have a good recording at the moment.