September Answers To Your Questions, Part III
10/4/2010 (updated 1/3/2011)

What's your take on autotune? Is it something you've ever used or would consider and how much electronic 'jiggery pokery' do you use on your studio work? Thanks, Will

We are not the Autotune generation.

Watching you on an old STV show on you tube (Aly Bain and friends), I was curious to know whether you'd ever encountered the late great 'Peerie' Willie Johnstone and his unique playing style? He's playing on one of the other shows, same series. If so, what did you make of his music? Max Cuthbert, Portland OR

He was a wonderful player. I never met him or worked with him, but he had a great style, that I think has influenced another generation.

Fans say "overlooked gem", you say "flawed" - never! So, the RT back catalogue apart, what criteria determine song choice for, e.g. your myriad cover versions, 1000 Years' project and Meltdown collaborations. Is it familiarity from, e.g. your father and sister, other such sentiment, musicality, eclecticism or what? Ian Henessy

All of the above. A bit too general a question to answer without rambling on for about 50 pages.

Any chance of another French Frith Kaiser Thompson album or live shows?

I know only 10 people bought those albums - I was one of them! But the solo albums following them were some of your best work (Rumour and Sigh, Amnesia). So, while I love the FFKT albums on their own merits, they seem to have had a recharging effect on your solo work.

No plans just now - a tough group to assemble. There is the famous Christmas album, of course, still locked in legal wrangles, that may see the light of day eventually. I agree that some side projects have a positive effect on one's musical path.

It would be nice to see a list of which tunes were recorded at each venue. I've heard that most of them were from SF. I was at the Seattle show - it was great! Andy Bowes

I can't seem to retrieve that information, at least not now. I would say that 75% of the tracks are from San Francisco, nights 1, 2 and 3, but that's about the best I can do.

Any plans coming to Denmark or Sweden? Kind regards, Anders

No plans just now - please annoy your local promoter!

First off I saw one of the live Dream Attic shows in Portland last February - holy cow it was great. Thanks so much. I feel the songs on Dream Attic are some of the strongest, most muscular, and vital, songs I've heard from you in years. As a fellow guitar player I'm totally digging the new songs. I've been seeing you live since the mid 80's and this has to be one of the most exciting tours I've ever witnessed.

I thought I read somewhere that you might go into the studio to record some of the Dream Attic selections. Is there still a plan to do this?

There is no plan. I'm sure I would have heard.

Secondly, does the RT songbook include the Dream Attic songs? I'd love to learn to play "Here Comes Geordie." Regards, Dan Sekerak, Oregon City, OR

The songbook does not include the Dream Attic songs. They will be in the next volume.

Rory Gallagher - did RT ever get to see him and, if so, what did he think? 'Walk On Hot Coals' has to be one of the greatest electric blues riffs ever and, of course, there is the that guitar. There is 'Road Worn' and there is Rory's Strat!! As a bass player I'm just so glad that his superb rhythm section is still around - driving 'Nine below Zero'. Bob

I thought he was a fine musician, and a very nice man, We did a few shows with him in Fairport. His Strat did have a fine patina, didn't it?