'The Money Shuffle' New last verse
10/7/2010 (updated 10/7/2010)

The Money Shuffle
Written by Richard Thompson

I now sing a different last verse and chorus on 'Money Shuffle'. -RT

O how sublime Š itÕs sub prime time
One manÕs junkÕs another manÕs triple A
If you need a little refuge for your pension fund
Lucky you, IÕll send some jewels your way
Spread it wide, wide as you can
To get the full benefit of my plan

Come on and do the Money Shuffle
IÕve got you right there where I want you
Come on and do the Money Shuffle
CanÕt find your money if you want to
I hear the sound of distant thunder
AIG and Lehmans going under
Will I get my bonus, I wonder?

Appears on Dream Attic (2010)
Published by Beeswing Music (BMI), administered by Bug Music