Additional RT Interviews
10/23/2010 (updated 10/23/2010)

"We've all been through the emotional wringer a few times, and as a writer,
you don't have to look far to find experiences of love and loss to base material on.
I find these songs as enjoyable to write as the character narratives,
if enjoyable is the right word -- perhaps satisfying is closer."

"One of the nice things about songwriting is that it can be fun — an enjoyable experience.
And I love to sit down and write songs — to make up a story and see where it takes me."

"You have to be open to ideas coming at any time. That’s why you always have to have
your notebook on your person. But to get things finished, I need to not be on the road.
When I’m on the road, a part of my brain is involved in performing existing material.
I find it hard to focus on new things."

"I'm not asking permission from anyone to make my moves," he said.
"In that sense, it's great to be artistically independent."

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