RT's New Guitars!
11/29/2010 (updated 11/29/2010)

After a long and fierce negotiation Richard Thompson has managed to acquire both Yin & Yang, a pair of Telecasters formerly owned by his former friend and longtime Tech & Stage Manager Bobby Eichorn.

It is rumored that during negotiations Mr. Thompson suggested that Mr. Eichorn part with the tele's or he would be fired (Again), his girlfriend would be stolen, (Again) and if the deal was not sealed by 12 noon of December 1st Thompson's longtime bodyguard Nunzio Rigatoni would be called in to perhaps break a leg or two.

Thompson claims Eichorn is over reacting and the statement was nothing more than a show biz term wishing him luck in the negotiations.

Although these and many other rumors cannot be confirmed at this time, It is now clear that Mr. Thompson has acquired the Telecasters!