RT featured on Teddy Thompson's new CD, Bella
2/5/2011 (updated 2/9/2011)

Teddy Thompson‘s forthcoming album Bella is set for release February 8
on Verve Forecast. The album follows 2008′s A Piece of What You Need,
and features Richard Thompson on guitar two tracks.

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SOUNDSPIKE.COM - Q&A Teddy Thompson
I started out playing in my dad's band when I was 19, and he really gave me a leg up. He was always trying to help and encourage me, and it's still good fun years later. Before I did anything with my mom, it had become reversed. I was the parental figure encouraging her to return to singing and trying to help her. It's nice to work with family, an excuse to see them and create music. My dad is my favorite guitar player in the world and I can't picture having anyone else [record]. -TT