Q&A March/April 2011, Part II
5/16/2011 (updated 5/16/2011)

How do you get your daily dose of news? Newspapers, TV, online or all three? American, British or other international news agencies? What is your general feeling about the 24-hour news cycle and the constant barrage of information we receive from the media?

I still like newspapers. I read the LA Times in LA, and the London Times in London (best crossword). I read The Guardian online wherever I am, and I'll probably read the Huffington Post, and grab a bit of local TV news, CNN, and Al Jezirah (the best, in my opinion). I like the fact that there are many outlets for the news, and I'd be happy to pay more to keep the printed news in business.

As a long-time admirer of the complexity and fullness of your solo guitar arrangements, I am curious as to how you go about the process of arranging a band song for solo performance. (I would include band songs you have arranged for the 1000 Years show, e.g. Friday On My Mind, 1985, See My Friends, and others.) Cheers, Douglas Alan Feinstein

It's just a matter of seeing what works. Sometimes a very stripped-down version of a band arrangement will sound better solo, other times one might need to suggest as much as possible of the band arrangement - bass line, rhythm, chords, melody, etc. Which brings up the whole very large area of song accompaniment, and what can be done to make the guitar a more interesting foil for the voice, and there's a whole book there.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the performance at Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall, New York City on March 19,2011. Great show and very interesting choice of songs in the setlist. Several of us concurred that the sound in the hall that night was the best of any of the times that we have been to see you. You would expect good sound given the hall and sound system but it was superb. Also, "Hat's Off" to Simon for the excellent board mix! If you were able to record that night, would you please consider releasing it for sale here on BeesWeb? Thanks for all the good times. Ron Starkel

Regrettably, I don't think it was recorded. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Four years ago a friend from Newcastle sent me a documentary about Jake Thackray... and I'm still searching for the right words to describe his compelling oddball sensibility. Beyond his unique brand of humor, his delivery was so emotionally intense and playing so unto his own. Was he taken seriously at the time? Did you ever cross paths? Peter C. Krakow - Ithaca, NY

He really was unlike anyone else. Linda and I did his TV show once back in the 70s, and that's the only time I've met him. He seemed from another era, maybe the 50s, and perhaps his closest musical references would be Noel Coward and Paddy Roberts, but having said that, he was a one-off. I loved his droll delivery, and bizarre sense of humour and subject matter. I'm sure he was too strange for mainstream acceptance, although he was on the telly a bit, and it was probably self-doubt more than anything else that curtailed his career.

Re: Teddy Thompson Interview on NPR
Last night on NPR's "The World" the host introduced Teddy as "the son of British folk music royalty."  How does it feel to be considered royalty, your highness? Bambi Vargo

How dare you address me in those familiar terms?

Any word on likelihood of other Boston-area shows this Fall? Loved the Dream Attic Show earlier this year at Berklee college and the solo show in Portsmouth NH last Summer! T D Mullen

I'll be in Portsmouth NH on August 29, Lowell MA on September 2, and Charleston RI on September 3. There may also be something in the area in October - please check the Tour Dates section of this website.

Re: Was it something we said?
Toronto, July 6, 2008, Danforth Music Hall. We really enjoyed ourselves. You seemed to enjoy yourself. So, how come you don't call, you don't write, you don't send flowers and you definitely don't tour here for three years? I check your website- you play Driftwood, Lowell, Chico and Newark but not Toronto? You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep it up, and you'll drive us into the arms of other guitarists. Hope to see you and the band sometime soon. Ian McBride

According to my notes, we're coming to Toronto on September 8 - just solo.

I want to add my voice congratulating you on your much-deserved OBE - it suits you well!

I was wondering, given your previous connection to working in New Orleans if you've been contacted to join the likes of Dr John, Allen Toussaint, Steve Earle and Elvis Costello and guest star on David Simon's new show Treme? I ask because I would just love to see you perform with actor/violinist Lucia Micarelli (who plays Annie) - that would be amazing!

Have you seen the show? And what do you make of the dramatic output of David Simon - Homicide, The Wire etc.? All the best. Chris Butler - Bristol UK

Much as I like New Orleans, I don't really have the cultural background to fit seamlessly into Treme. Elvis is there as a bit of a music icon, I think - no one is fooled into thinking he's a local. It's a great show, heartwarming to see the spirit of NOLA being so well conveyed, and great to see all those terrific musicians. Yes, I agree it's well written, and The Wire was very good too.