Q&A March/April 2011, Part III
5/16/2011 (updated 5/19/2011)

In a previous answer to one of my questions you said that you had played in Austria a few times in the 80s and not since. So imagine my surprise when I saw the Vienna gig advertised on the homepage. Great stuff! It makes a change from having to travel to Cropredy to see you perform (but I'll certainly be there again next year for the 45th anniversary). Two questions: 1. How did the ViennaJazzFest gig come about (I'm loath to think that you did it for me, nudge, nudge)? 2. Do you take any requests at this stage (if not, not to worry, as a teacher I have a good shouting voice and will be hollering for Now That I'm Dead or Alexander Graham Bell or I Misunderstood or Dad's Gonna Kill Me or Hots for the Smarts or ...)? Thanks for the music, Wilf from Austria

1) They asked me - I didn't go begging. I have an agent that deals with these matters.

2) Requests noted, but I think most of your suggestions are not suitable for an Austrian audience, who may not have English as a first language.

There is a wonderful animated video of "I Feel So Good" on YouTube. You are quoted in a 1991 interview, available on the Internet, as saying, of the animation, "It's being done by the same people who do The Simpsons." Can you be more specific about who created the animation? Thanks, Shelley

I've forgotten what I knew in 1991. I seem to remember that the company whose name I forget would do the basic animation. They would then send it to Singapore, where they would fill in the rest, and ship it back. I haven't seen it for a while, but I remember it being quite good.

I'm trying to learn 1952 Vincent Black Lightning and Beeswing at the moment and im wondering what tunings you use? Im using DGDGBE capo3 for 1952 and DADGBE capo3 for Beeswing. is this right? i cant play exactly like you so i cant be sure but they do work for my versions however i would like to get them spot on eventually. I think you use a thumbpick for 1952 and a flatpick for Beeswing??? Hope you dont mind but i put a cover of 1952 on youtube, if you ever get a chance maybe you could have a look....very cheeky i know...;o).....of course i will delete it if you dont approve of that kind of thing.

Im going to see you in Dublin in july and am really looking forward to it, Vicar St. is one of my favourite venues. is there any chance you could play these two songs on the night? Kind Regards, Gavin McLoughlin

This is in my songbook, or there is a great iPad app at:

Apart from yourself (goes without saying of course), one of my all time favourite guitarists is Paul Kossoff. I assume you must have crossed paths as you were both Island labelmates in the early 70s. What was your opinion of him. Many thanks, Leon Vander-Molen (London)

I think he had a really good tone, and had one of the best vibratos I ever heard. That band was very young and very talented. I only met Paul a couple of times - I remember standing next to him freezing one morning for one of those Island compilation photo shoots - someone had the brilliant idea of having the whole roster gather at dawn in Hyde Park - "to capture the light". Needless to say, only a few suckers actually made it at dawn. Most staggered along about 9AM, and a more pallid, hung-over bunch would be hard to imagine. I think it was for You Can All Join In. The magic of the dawn light was not captured.

Will there be a video available on the web? Are we now going to need to address him as Mister, or some such title?  Should we look for him to be wearing that badge on his beret? What are all those Masonic looking things anyway? Curious minds want to know. Best Regards, John Lestina

There will be a press release of some description.

What are your thoughts on Alison Krauss's cover of "Dimming of the Day"? (Personally, I consider a match made in heaven: her angelic voice singing one of your very best songs.)

I haven't heard it yet, but she could melt hearts singing the telephone directory.

As part of my lyric writing module, I'm doing an in-depth analysis of 'Gethsemene'. I was wondering if it would be possible to get any information on this song in particular? Specifically influences for the writing etc. Thanks. Yours faithfully, Francesca Turauskis

This song is about a friend who had an idyllic childhood, with tremendous freedom. Nothing else that happened in his life ever lived up to those early years, and his life became increasingly disappointing and frustrating.

The newspaper (many years ago) said Richard Thompson set up Sufi group so I was wondering whether you would allow some ladies to attend it. Is it in London?

Sorry, I don't have one.

I'm a bit foreign to this country and music so I only heard Richard and Linda Thompson's voice and fell  madly in love with it specially words are most captivating. I went to Mr Thompson's concert at Fairfield house in Croydon some years ago too.

I am Kulsum Bukhari I wanted to add Mr Thompson to My face book but there were too many Richard Thompson.

What does the beekeeper mean? I have a book of poems called the beekeeper.

It's just the name of the administrator of this website.