Beesweb One Year Anniversary
6/4/2003 (updated 10/11/2003)


Date: Tue Jun 04, 2002 04:15:46 PM US/Pacific
Subject: BEESWEB

We're officially live!!


It's our FIRST Birthday!

Some of our favourite, first-year "Guest Comments":

Richard, congratulations on the website. I guess the wax tablet thing didn't work out.

he is a magnet

aw hell...I'd even listen to an album of Richard's favorite bathtime gurgles…

you?web?with us? FANTASTIC!

Richard, you make us laugh, then you make us cry, and in the end, you make us glad that we are.

My hero - I want to have his babies!

talented beyond belief, and no unsavory tabloid-worthy caprices - is it any wonder the jarheads of the world aren't interested?

just how many fingers does this guy have?

Have you composed your Michael Bolton tribute yet?The bastard's got it coming to him.

you don't need the hat, really.

frustrating to see him play that thing

He never disappoints - I hope all the women in his life can say that!

Richard Thompson's voice is the only male vocalists voice that sets me on fire and makes me weak in the knees! Now I understand what being a groupie is all about!

When we met, I was so giddy it seemed I couldn't formulate a coherent sentence--

I will buy anything you release. "Richard Thompson reads the K's in the LA Phone Book." Sounds like a winner.

I love you. Please create vast quantities of merchandise for me to consume aggresively.

You and I go way back chum.

He's my reason for living

I can't get Semi-Detached out of my CD player. It's Fully Attached, and it's been like that for days.

Hi Richard. I was the guy that bought Henry the Human fly!

Been with Richard for 34 years now (not in the biblical sense you understand!)The songs and the playing are part of my life.

Your music has been such a good friend to me. Thanks

Just your usual middle-aged man who is in love with Richard.

Could this be love?"

I been living with guilt and shame for all these years and feel it's time to now come clean; I believe I single-handedly doubled the sales of Henry the Human Fly when I purchased three(3) L.P.s. Sorry for scewing the demographics and sabotaging forever your finely honed marketing plans.

get ready to see our ugly mugs in the front row again, brothers.

I am awed and inspired...rt captures the true and wonderous nature of music at it's ultimate best

richard the great about time he was knighted

As I'm sure you already know, your Italian was fine."

Totally gobsmacked.

I write here solely in humble appreciation of a great artist.

I would give up my left testicle to be able to play guitar like you Richard.

You may not BE God, but your damn close!

Thank you for your fabulously wicked muse.

Is there a cure for this sort of thing?

Your songs burrow deep into my being. I'm reminded of those twilights where the sky is ominous, frightening in its gloom - and yet a ray of dying sunlight from the west illuminates the landscape for a brief moment - you have that terrifying power to shine light on the troubled soul.

Where'd you get those fabulous shoes?

I'd like to play a sax solo for one of your next tunes. (I'm not a good player-but that's besides the point.)

The Man is breaking my heart.

I love Richard. His music decorated my life in new ways as when you discover something that you didn't know you didn't know.

Rock on with your bad self!!

Thank you for continued authenticity!

Thank you for some of the most beautiful, disturbing, thought-provoking music I have ever heard. And for your sense of humor & delicious wit.

absolutely tops richard is an addictive drug which i highly recommend

he / his music are perfection, grace, anger, wit and total hysteria