Q&A June 2011, Part III
7/1/2011 (updated 7/1/2011)

Re: Hoots Mon
Hi Richard, Given your parentage and fondness for Jimmy Shand and Celtic Football Club I just wondered if you would consider yourself Scottish? You would certainly qualify for selection for the national team through your dad but would you opt for the lion rampant of Scotland or the three lions of England? Gordon McKean - Glasgow

Myself and a couple of other kids at my school had some Scottish blood, and used to get off on Burns and Walter Scott, and generally overemphasized our Caledonian bits and pieces. When it came to football, I grew up cheering for Scotland alongside my dad in the annual match against England, and a lot of the early games I ever saw live were at Parkhead. I would definitely have donned the dark blue had I been 15 times more athletic, at a time when Scotland had a decent team and could hold its own against England. There's been nothing too special about the Scottish team for the last 20 years or so, really since Dalglish, Souness, Jordan and co., so if I were to catch the eye of the selectors now, I might plump for the three lions, a team that underperforms badly but is still ranked #4 by FIFA, as opposed to a team that underperforms badly, but is ranked #61.

First of all, when do you think come back to Italy? I think there are lots of fans waiting for you! Do you think there will ever be a songbook of "1000 years of popular music, or the songs of the project will be included in the songbook vol.4?" I think it would be very interesting to study those songs the way you play them! Last but not least, while I'm waiting for the 1000 years songbook, I'm trying to figure out by myself the chords you play in "orange-coloured sky", but I have to surrender... can you please help me? Thank you for everything! Peace and love, Andrea.

This is fairly tough to convey in this format. Here's a very simple version:


D B7 Em7 A F#m7 Fm7 Bb7 A


D Ebdim Em7 Fdim D6 / B7 / G G#dim D B7 E7 / A A+

D Ebdim Em7 Fdim D6 / B7 / G G#dim D B7 E7 A7 D /


Am7 / D+9 / F#7/  Bm / Bm BmM7 Bm7 Bm6 E7 / A A+

There's a whole bunch of discords at the end which I copied from Nat King Cole's version. I'd recommend his for a more complete harmonization.

Hoping to be back in Italy soon.

Hi. Any idea when RT's songbooks will be available as individual sheets from musicnotes or other? Thanks. Jason

I thought this had already happened - I'll check.

p.s. All my esses get turned into zeds by Microsoft. Apologies to anglo-purists.

Re: oh the pain
Is there anything I can do see to the total annihilation of the term "plank spanker" -- eliminate it from this and all other universes, leaving no trace whatsoever, forever? At the very least, reassure me that it's actually a quaint, harmless phrase to your ears. Then perhaps I can sleep soundly again. Cheers. David, yet another respectful consumer of your fine work.

It's crap, isn't it? Journos need a few fresh cliches to spice up their articles. Fret-fondler? String-stroker?

I am looking forward to seeing you and John Prine in Baltimore in August. I went to Delfest in Cumberland MD the weekend before Memorial Day and Del played TWO RT Tunes, If You Don't Want Me, and VBL. I was wondering if you have ever played with Del McCoury, and might you consider playing Delfest in the future? Last time I saw you was Dream Attic Tour in DC, awesome show! the next night I saw Pat Metheney and his one man band setup based on player piano technology. Have you seen/ heard any of that and what do you think of it?  Also, can you please release your IPAD lessons in another format like DVD? Thank you, Thank you and Thank you and Congratulations on your OBE. Let me know if you need any roadie help on your Tour. Sincerely, John Gallagher

I have never played with Del, but would not refuse if asked - hard to keep up with those boys though… I have read about Pat Metheny's stage setup with great interest. I'd love to hear it. The iPad app will probably stay on iPad for the foreseeable future.

Re: BBC box set
I wonder if Richard has had a chance to listen to the BBC box set and particularly disc 2. There is some speculation on a discussion forum that some of the tracks seem to be at the wrong speed. The first 3 tracks from 1985  especially appear to be taken a fairly fast clip. Robin Collins

I thought we were just playing faster. I'll have to look into this.