Q&A July 2011, Part I
8/4/2011 (updated 8/4/2011)

Except for the part in "Cajun Woman" I can't think of an instance of slide guitar in your oeuvre. Was that even you? Am I missing any others? Obviously it's not a style you ever pursued. Was it a matter of deciding that there was plenty of work available on the fretboard and that the bottleneck was better left to the Ry Cooders and Duane Allmans and Bonnie Raitts of this world? Obviously it wasn't the alternate tunings that threw you off. Who are your favorite slide artists? And btw thanks for all of the fret-based music over the years. - Steve Alleman (New Orleanian now in exile in Kansas City MO)

I've played a bit from time to time. I played on Fairport's 'Some Sweet Day' and something on Strict Tempo, and something on a Loudon Wainwright record, but culturally I feel that it doesn't really fit.

Hello Richard. Could you please give us the cords to Stumble On? I've gotten some from various videos but there must be some basic law of video editing where you must cut to the artist face at the same specific points inĀ  a song. They must not be guitarists. Anyway thank you very much. - Jennifer Howell

I've picked up the chords to Among the Gorse Among the Grey, Big Sun and A Brother Slips Away from browsing through Q&A. Dream Attic is permanently on my play list and would love to know the chord structure for Stumble On? Kind Regards, Mark Sikora


|| Em Bm D Am | C / / / | Em Bm D Am | C / / / | G / C / | G / / / | Bb / / / | G / / / |


Em / / / | Bm / / / | Am / / / | G / / / ||

Re: Great songs with similar melodies.
OK, so I'm driving my family nuts, playing this new song, "Me and Paul Revere" over and over. Steve Martin, the banjoist/actor, premiered it on Independence Day, here in the States. A song about a midnight ride, from the POV of the horse, and a lovely melody, to boot. Then it dawns on me! Then melody is the same as your "Boys of Mutton Street", at least in the verse. Perhaps it is not too alarming in the folk world, where a certain amount of borrowing has always been tolerated. Igor Stravinsky was reported to have said, "Good composers borrow (ideas from other composers), great composers steal."

So, I'm not a mixer, nor an alarmist--but I am curious about your thoughts. Is there another source for the melody that you used, a common source? Is there a limit to how many notes can be assembled in a three minute song, before the ghost of Wagner does a Gotterdammerung with the harmony? Was "My Sweet Lord" an original tune? "Me and Paul Revere" is a sweet song, as is "Mutton Street". Too much of a good thing is never enough. I hope you don't mind me posting a YouTube link. Sorry about going on for a bit, and thanks for the opportunity to pose this question. - Putt

I thought I was writing an original melody - most likely Steve Martin did too. I'm guessing our potential royalties from these two songs will probably mean we won't be going to court.

Re: BBC box
This is fantastic and greatly enjoyed but I still have a cassette with another Kershaw session on it from about 88 or so with Killerman Gold Posse and Waltzing's For Dreamers. Also for the DVD where are the superb solo performance of Beeswing from the folk special programme and some of the other Later performances? Is there to be a part 2? - John Barker

There are no plans for volume 2, and I suppose they have to stop somewhere, and can't include everything.

Just watched the Elvis Costello 2009 'Shoot Out The Lights' video on Youtube - interesting Tele - P90 bridge, Stat in the middle and a Humbucker in the
bridge - Ferrington, or who put that tasty beast together? - Bob Battersby

This was borrowed from my guitar tech Bobby Eichhorn, who was living at that time in NYC. He enjoys throwing these thing together.

Oh, and did RT ever own a Morris Minor because his favoured 'baby blue' matches my old 'Moggie' perfectly! What is it with you guitarists? Just caught a vid of Eric Clapton playing a 'baby blue' Strat! We bottom end bass boys tend to favour black or natural! - Bob

I should have done it baby blue and natural ash, to get that Morris Traveller look. Oh, and some moss growing around the bridge. And that Clapton fellow is always copying me!

I saw you with the band in Brighton earlier in the year with my son. Of course it was a great set - that's expected, but Pete Zorn's versatility and vocal power was a revelation. Congratulations on putting together a band that works so well together. To redress the family balance I'm coming to the solo gig in Dartford with my daughter. Is there any way you can squeeze "Meet On The Ledge" into the setlist (which I can now play perfectly following your guidance on this site 2 or 3 years ago and for which I thank you!). Pushing my luck here, but can you also enlighten me as to the chords of "Stumble On"? Thanks, congtratulations on the OBE and good luck for the future. - Richard Holman, Limpsfield, Surrey

See above for chords to 'Stumble On'. With you all the way regarding Pete Zorn's amazing versatility. Sorry your mail reached me too late for Dartford - hope the fire evacuation was enough of a treat to make up for 'Meet On The Ledge'.

Re: An Ongoing Thing
Being left handed and having mistakenly picked up my dads old right-handed archtop some 40 years ago, please take some time out to either warn me off or wish me luck as I embark on my journey to master fingerstyle playing. You see, my thumb must play the fancy stuff alone, while I am spoilt for choice for fingers to tackle the bass lines. Is there still a chance for me? Best regards and continued good health. - Jim

My dear friend Marc Ellington also plays left-handed fingerstyle on a right -handed guitar, upside down. He manages a reasonable clawhammer using, I think, the third finger for the alternating bass, and the thumb and index finger for the high strings.