Q&A August 2011, Part III
9/4/2011 (updated 9/4/2011)

Any influence from or relation to the travels of Vashti Bunyan in the lyrics to Beeswing? Thanks, Dangus

I never knew her – met her once at the Witchseason office, I think – but she was typical of the time, being someone who appeared to drop out of conventional society, and as that is one of the themes of the song, there are parallels there.

Any plans to release on something other than iPad. I have a perfectly functioning computer. Why is this restricted to an iPad app? Thanks. Craig

I think the touchscreen is important to the app. It would be easier to do it for iPhone, but I don't know of any plans in that direction – I'm just a client, it's not my company.

I was wondering what you think of the music of Townes Van Zandt? I ask because I consider him to be  one of the great American songwriters ever and you being a wonderful songwriter yourself I guess I am curious if you  have an opinion about TVZ and if so what is it? I know the guy had demons but his words were magic, one of those once a generation singer/songwriters. Also have you ever covered any of his tunes? I mean he wrote so many good ones you must have done a cover of his at some point, at least in a live setting.  Songs like For The Sake Of The Song, Kathleen, St. John The Gambler, Waitin' Round To Die, Pancho And Lefty, Tecumseh Valley, (Quicksilver Daydreams) Of Maria, Rake, Lungs, Colorado Girl, Marie etc., etc, etc, I could go on by I think you get my point, the man was a genius. Do you have any favorites? Anything to share with us all? Thank you. Robert N.

I saw him play twice, both times he was very drunk. I love Pancho and Lefty, one of the greatest American songs of the last 30 years. I think you're right, he's up there with the best.

Re: Reshad Feild
Dear Richard,
Whilst in a very obscure hotel in the wilds of Devon, we met an extrordinary gentleman who turned out to be Tim Feild one of The Springfields. Went we got home we googled him (of course). It turns out that under the name Reshad Feild he is a writer and teacher of Sufism. I wonder if you have met him? He now lives in an old people's home in Totnes. Neil Davies

I never realised the connection with The Springfields, how bizarre. I knew of Reshad Field, but I never read his books or met him. I'm not sure I like to think of him being in an old peoples' home.