What ELSE is Being Said about 'The Old Kit Bag'?
6/9/2003 (updated 9/25/2003)

Continued from: What's Being Said about 'The Old Kit Bag'?

Music Angle: "The sound is stellar—I don’t care how it was recorded, and from where it was sourced—everything is rendered with utmost honesty and clarity and you will revel in guitars that sound like guitars and in Danny Thompson’s crisp, realistic sounding bass lines. "

Phoenix:"Thompson coaxes howls and shrieks and moans out of his guitar."

Pop Matters:"...his excellence continues unabated"


New Zealand Herald"****"

Herald Star"Like Frank Sinatra singing to a lone bartender at the end of the night..."

Louisville Scene "...musicianship that flirts with genius."

Financial Review"...a beautifully fleshed out, profound rock album, full of variety, depth and dazzling skill."