Beret of Randomness Song Selections
10/27/2011 (updated 10/27/2011)

"Beret of Randomness" Song Selections

Liege and Lief

Matty Groves
Crazy Man Michael
The Deserter
Sir Patrick Spens

Flowers Of The Forest

Poor Ditching Boy
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
Nobody's Wedding
I Want to See the
Bright Lights Tonight
End Of The Rainbow
The Great Valerio
Hokey Pokey

I'll Regret It All
In The Morning

The Sun Never Shines
On The Poor

For Shame Of
Doing Wrong
Dimming Of The Day
Beat The Retreat

Don't Let A Thief
Steal Into Your Heart

Choice Wife

Strange Affair

Shoot Out The Lights
Backstreet Slide
Just The Motion
Two Left Feet
Tear-Stained Letter
When The Spell Is Broken
She Twists
the Knife Again
Ghosts In The Wind
How Will I Ever
Be Simple Again
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven

Turning Of The Tide

Waltzing's For Dreamers


Why Must I Plead
1952 Vincent
Black Lightning
God Loves A Drunk

Razor Dance

The Ghost Of
You Walks

Sam Jones

Walking The
Long Miles Home
The New Me
A Love You
Can’t Survive
One Door Opens
So Ben Mi
Ch'a Bon Tempo
Blackleg Miner
Little Queenie

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