Michael Jerome on Gethsemane
10/27/2011 (updated 10/28/2011)

Michael Jerome

Dear Mr. Jerome,
Is there a name for the percussion style you play in the song Gethsemane from "The Old Kit Bag"? Thanks, Peter Johnson

Thanks for your question Peter. I appreciate the opportunity to revisit these tunes and remind myself of what was played. Forgotten how much I enjoyed recording these tunes. I remember it being a bit of a challenge searching for a balance in the tune. But, as I listen to the tune again I feel quite proud to have been a part of it.

All that said, I think the percussion style on this tune, if there is one, would have to be an amalgamation of Native American and Celtic influence. The percussion (the shakers in this case) were really an afterthought played around and after the drum kit part was played to help "glue all the rhythms together, and provide a locomotion to all the influences. The funny thing is I was thinking about Egyptian belly dancing and more middle eastern flavors like in the vibe of "One Door Opens." But, you don't really hear this influence more than the Native American tribal rhythm during the verses and Celtic military march rhythm during the choruses.

So, I'm afraid that's the best answer I can give. I hope it at least helps explain that there was no specific style performed per se, but that the influences, the idea or "the spirit" of the tune, and RT's thoughts and suggestions shaped the final result.

And, there you have Gethsemane.

Peace, mjm