FRETS AND REFRAINS - RT Acoustic Guitar and Songwriting Camp
11/29/2011 (updated 2/4/2012)


July 16-20, 2012
The Full Moon Resort Music Masters Camps
Big Indian, NY, USA

Dear friends,

I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to personally invite you to our Frets and Refrains guitar and songwriting camp. The setting is beautiful, our teachers are the best, and I expect this to be an intimate and rewarding experience for all participants. All levels will be catered for, and whether you are a guitarist, singer, songwriter, or any combination of these, we will offer ways to improve, rethink and enhance your playing, composing and performing skills. Classes in large and smaller groups, jam sessions, hikes, swimming, delicious food - the experience will be hard to beat!

This is very much my dream teaching event, and myself, Martin Simpson and Teddy Thompson will be in attendance throughout, answering questions and being as "hands-on" as possible.

Hoping to see you there.

Best wishes,
Richard Thompson

Attendance is limited to 120, so please register soon!



January 2012 Q&A:

Hi. I'm an amateur/hobbyist guitar player, and am planning on attending a guitar workshop this summer, but have not yet decided where to go. I am very interested in the Frets and Refrains Camp in July; but I'm concerned about the amount of orientation towards folks who are not advanced guitarists. I haven't been playing/practicing seriously for that long -- I'd describe myself as an advanced beginner. I'm competent with the dozen or so most common basic open position chords, some common right-hand rhythms, can strum and sing on simple tunes, can do a few finger patterns, and know some basic scales (major, major and minor pentatonic). But my barre chords aren't very good yet, my knowledge of the fretboard still has a long way to go, my ability to find the right string at tempo when flatpicking isn't great, etc. I'm wondering how much stuff there's going to be that's oriented for someone like me. The idea of learning from folks like Richard and Teddy Thompson and Martin Simpson is incredibly exciting; but I worry that I won't have the background needed for a workshop like this. The webpage does say "all levels will be catered for"; but I'm just wondering if someone can give a little more detail about what that means. Thanks so much. -c

The Frets And Refrains camp hopes to provide teaching for all levels and abilities. We are expecting a full complement of 120 this year, so it will be impossible for me to personally have one-on-one time with everybody - however, we will have an instructor specializing in beginner and intermediate levels. No one will be left out! When we have a clearer idea of the profiles of the attendees, we will tailor the classes to fit the needs of the students. Hoping you'll be able to attend.