Q&A October 2011, Part IV
11/30/2011 (updated 2/5/2012)

Why oh why do you never play Sights and Sounds of London Town?  It is among my favorite of your songs, and yet I have not heard you play it even once in the 12 years since you released Mock Tudor. At Tarrytown last night you pulled Mock Tudor out of the Beret of Randomness, and you played five songs from that album, but none of them was SASOLT. Please please please I beg you play it next time you are in Tarrytown. Stuart B. Katz

OK then.

Some years ago when performing 'My Daddy is a Mummy' at one of your shows you said that the song might feature in a future project consisting of songs written especially for children. This did not happen. Did you lose interest in the idea or were you just pulling our legs at the time? Or is there another explanation? Vincent

Two songs I wrote for children, 'My Daddy Is A Mummy' and 'Six-Legged Friend' are on a multi-artist CD recorded as a fund-raiser for Seven Arrows school in Pacific Palisades CA. They may have some left.

Would you please tell us a little bit about your beautifully badass scarf collection? Many thanks!!! Ann B. Arlington, VA

I think 3 doesn't count as a collection. They are just women's ones that I chop up. I have one that is Jean-Paul Gaultier, however… I got it at the amazing Gaultier exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Art.

One of your many memorable shows for us was about 14 years ago, at the small Turning Point, in Piermont, New York. We were with our friends, who had just been married that afternoon. You mentioned that there was a wedding party in the house and you wanted to play something special, so you played, "Love Me Tender."  Later, we joined you upstairs, where we all had cake and took photos. It was a wonderful night. I don't think you played this venue again. Anyway, I wagered my friend, the groom, that you probably never played "Love Me Tender" before or since. I wonder if you recall the show and if I am correct. Thanks so much. Vincent, New City, NY

I remember. That's a nice song, that Elvis owns, so other versions are not to be seen as career launchers. I may not have sung it since.

1. Knowing that you and Bert Jansch traveled in different musical circles, I am nonetheless curious to hear your thoughts about his sad passing last month.

A very influential player, one of several who followed Davy Graham to create a unique fusion of folk and blues. I always enjoyed his playing, and it is very sad to lose him.

2. You've mentioned that you enjoy hiking. What was your most challenging hike in terms of terrain, elevation? Have you been to any iconic hiking and/or  climbing spots, e.g. the Himalayas, Macchu Picchu, etc. Have you ever done rock climbing?

I hike, I don't mountaineer. Rock climbing is way too challenging for me. I'm also a naturalist-hiker, which means you stop and look at something every ten yards. I would love to do Wainwright's coast to coast walk.

3. You've mentioned in Beesweb that you've played cricket, rugby and soccer over the years. What was the teenaged, pre-Fairport RT's favorite sport?  What was your best sport? Do you play any other sports these days?

At school I played rugby, full back or wing, and I enjoyed it, but was never that great. I played football at primary school. These days I play cricket for the Sharps, although I may be nearing retirement age, and regularly I play tennis, usually two or three times a week.

4. Do you feel added pressure when playing a show in a major market like New York City, LA or London?

Those are the towns where you pick up reviews, so there is a bit more pressure, but I usually have a great time in the bigger cities.

5. What is the Cayamo experience like for you and your fellow musicians, spending a week on board a luxury cruise ship with hundreds of adoring fans? As always, many thanks, Richard, for graciously answering my questions. Cheers, Douglas Alan Feinstein

It's a good experience because everyone on board is there for music, and even though they may come for one favourite artist, I found people very broad-minded, and taking in a lot of different acts. The musicians are on a different deck, so they can get privacy if they want it, away from the 'adoring' fans.