Q&A October 2011, Part V
11/30/2011 (updated 2/5/2012)

Mr. Thompson,
We attended the Tuscaloosa show, last night, and it was superb, as always. Before my question, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for bestowing your signature on my 1906 Washburn parlor guitar (yes, that was me). As for my question, I don't know if you have different set lists for every show, but I wondered if you could identify the song you sang immediately after The Story of Hamlet? I did not recognize it. We were so thrilled to hear you play Hamlet, by the way. Thanks for such a fabulous show. Cheers! Scott M. Howard

I don't yet have "publishing rights" on the RT discussion list, and before my old mind forgets the question, or those in attendance can't find an answer, I thought I would ask the man himself. Following a beautiful tribute to Sandy Denny, you played two equally terrific songs with which I was unfamiliar. This in itself, amongst your oeuvre, is unusual seeing how long I've been following your career.  I'm wondering if they are yours, or from Ms. Denny (with whom I obviously need to get better acquainted) who left us too soon. Thanks, Laurence E. Schiffman B.S.; D.M.D.

The two new songs I've played lately are 'Good Things Happen To Bad People' and 'The Snowgoose', both unrecorded as yet.

Great idea you had to revisit past albums using the 'Beret of Randomness'! Only wish the tour found its way to the desert southwest...

In a couple recent interviews you're quoted as saying (paraphrasing) that songs are different from paintings in that you have the chance to revisit them at another stage of life. It reminded me of an old Joni Mitchell quote from her 'Miles of Aisles' album where she said, "No one ever said to Vincent, 'Paint a 'Starry Night' again, man.' He painted it once and that's it."

Was your comment in deference to Joni, or is it simply coincidental that you shared the same insight?

Joni and I are always thinking alike.

Are you ever surprised/impressed with one of your past songs (lyrically or musically) when you have the opportunity to play it again?

Surprised sometimes, yes. There are good surprises and bad surprises.

Would you ever consider displaying your art work on your website the way Joni has done? Kay Brown

Joni is a real painter, I'm just getting back into it. Do I want my work scrutinized and criticized like my music? No thanks.