Q&A November 2011, Part IV
12/4/2011 (updated 12/4/2011)

Two questions. Is the teaching app going to be available in some form to non iPad owners? And I've been learning Waltzings for Dreamers from Acoustic Guitar Magazine. I just bought the volume 2 songbook and though the chords are essentially the same, the structure of them is somewhat different in several instances. Is the songbook more accurate or is it a case of two transcribers hearing different things? Thank you. John Orr

As far as I know, the app is only for iPad. I haven't seen the Acoustic Guitar magazine transcription to compare, but the version in the songbook should be accurate.

Re: Signature Stratocaster
In this day and age of an over-abundence of Signature/Inspired by guitar series by Fender and Gibson, where almost anyone who is anything gets his/her own guitar.  When is your beloved strat going to be featured?  Or are there plans of Danny Ferrington making his exclusive own? Best Regards, Stan Piekarski

The guitars I play have 3 single coil p/us in the main, but I like different body shapes besides the strat, and a whole mess of modified p/us and wiring, so perhaps Fender would not be looking too kindly upon me?

The early Fairport song . . . Decameron. You are credited with co-writing it with Paul Ghosh and Andrew Horvitch. I can't find anything about them on the internet. Can you tell us a little bit about them? Who are they? How did you meet them and collaborate with them? What are they doing now? Are they famous for anything else? And anything else you can say about them . . . Thanks! Stan Graham

I went to William Ellis School in Highgate, London with Paul and Andy. Andy joined, I think in the lower 6th, after his family left South Africa. We shared a flat in 1967 in Brent, North London (famous for the National Theatre of Brent, and Brent Flyover, in other words, not famous for very much). During that time, leading up to the recording of the first Fairport album, they helped me with the lyrics on Decameron and Sunshade. Andy is a photographer and film editor, and was my not-too-distant neighbour in LA for many years - he recently moved to Seattle. Paul is in London, and is a writer. We all still keep in touch.

It seems Rolling Stone has come out with another list of Top 100 Guitarists. What are your thoughts: Is the list spot on, way off the mark, irrelevant? Thanks, Chris

If one must have lists, and I appreciate that they are good for sales, then perhaps there should be more categories. Invidious as it is to compare any musicians, comparing those from different fields is just plain ridiculous. I haven't seen the Rolling Stone list, but these polls often have Andres Segovia at number 73. Either he's the greatest ever, or his category should be considered irrelevant. You could have a classical category, blues, folk or acoustic, rock, jazz…even a great innovators section, that might include Segovia, Les Paul, Davy Graham, etc. And a world section, please.