PHOTO: RT's new Guerrilla Assault
2/14/2012 (updated 2/16/2012)

RT's new "Guerrilla Assault"
touring/studio rig designed by Bobby Eichorn
to simplify and create an all in one solution for Richard.

Tried & true making it's first appearance
at the 2012 Cayamo Concert Cruise!

Any chance someone can provide some description of the entire rig, which pedals included, that kind of thing? Great pattern selected to dress up the interior top of the case, is that pattern also on the strap (???) that seems to be one of the items incl'd. Gracias! J Pivarnick

Bobby Eichorn: Pedals include a vintage modified DOD FX17 Volume/Wah/ TC Polytune/ Fulltone OCD/ TC Shaker Vibrato/ Malekko Tremelo/ TC Flashback Delay/ Voodoo Lab Power Supply.

Can Bobby tell us where he had Richard's guerrilla rig made? The foam-fitting and pedal board insert is a brilliant stroke... and how much does the whole thing weigh? Bob Cannon

The case began as a custom order light weight ATA quality uncut foam filled case. The pedal board was made by Bobby as well as the cutouts for the instrument and pedal board. The weight of RT's case including Guitar & Pedal board is 32 lbs. but will vary depending on the Guitar and choice of effects.

A limited amount of these custom designed cases will be available from Bobby. For more information contact Bobby at