RT on 'Ducknapped!', touring, '1000 Years...'
7/20/2003 (updated 10/11/2003)

Fri Jul 11, 2003 as told to Flip Feij.

FF: What's the story behind the new album title "Ducknapped!" ?

RT: Our tour mascot was a small fluffy duck that unsurprisingly said "Quack". One day it disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and a classic ransom note appeared, letters cut from newspapers. No clues. Pictures of duck tied up. More threats. It took us ten days to figure out who did it....we'll put the whole thing up on Beesweb for your amusement. It was pretty funny.

FF: Several fans who were at more than one of the Band-concerts noted amazing musical developments while comparing the early ones to the later ones. Do you also see these different stages (apart from the personel change in the rhythm section) and must we fear things like these are driving an artist crazy? (The Old Kit Bag Songs on Ducknapped must sound a bit *richer* than on the original album, but when the live album sees the light of day both the artist and some hard core fans know that current versions are even richer maybe?

RT: Songs played live are different right away from recorded versions, and then they evolve over a tour or two, usually for the better. There is no plan, it's just the way the songs want to be played.

FF: Any chance of Mike Jerome or Danny Thompson returning in the Band? Or is it an availability question only?

RT: As of August, the band is fired!! Hopefully we can reconvene next year for some live work, a few festivals maybe, but the next major band tour will be in support of the next band CD, which is at least two years away. Who will be in it I do not yet may come down to availability.

FF: We've seen guest appearances by Judith Owen & Christine Collister during the 2003 Tour. If you had the possibillity to add one more musician to the current line up would it be a female vocalist?

RT: Absolutely. We don't quite have the budget for it. Preferably a female vocalist who plays Crumhorn, Northumbrian pipes and a bit of keyboard.

FF: Will the solo dates later this year be "1000 Yrs concerts" mostly?

RT: The only "1000 Years" shows are in Chicago, London and maybe Providence RI. Everything else is solo.

FF: What's the current status of:
- The kids album?
- A project with Henry Kaiser?
- Film music?
- Session work?

RT: I haven't had time to work on anything for months.

FF: Cricket (or musical) plans for Cropredy this year?

RT: I shall miss Cropredy this year, music and cricket, alas.

FF: What are long(-er) term plans (if any)?

RT: Too busy on the short-term to think about the long term.