FRETS AND REFRAINS Music Camp, July 16-20

7/10/2012 (updated 8/12/2012)

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Richard Thompson’s Frets & Refrains Acoustic Guitar and Songwriting Camp
-at the gorgeous 100 acre Full Moon Resort in upstate NY!

Take a look at!

Lots of cool guitar classes for ALL levels-
including RT’s morning "Master Classes"
open to everyone at the F&R Camp,
afternoon advanced classes for the gifted and teachers
for intermediate and even beginners!
Plus songwriting classes with both Teddy Thompson and RT,
Martin Simpson’s Acoustic Guitar classes
as well as Happy Traum's Fingerpicking classes!

We’ve added Sloan Wainwright to teach singing,
Simon Tassano for sound production tips, local guides for hikes and yoga,
and RT’s personally selected guitar and music films for the evenings.

With plenty of time for open mics and campfire jamming under the stars-
it’s the perfect combination of music, inspiration and relaxation!

Richard Thompson readies 'Frets And Refrains' guitar/songwriting summer camp
by Jim Bessman | New York Local Music |

Thompson says he'll also be talking about "what I see as the possibilities of the guitar as a solo instrument, and as an instrument accompanying songwriters," he adds. "It's a combined songwriting/guitar-playing camp, and I'm interested in how people accompany themselves as songwriters with the guitar, and its potential as an accompanying instrument."

Richard Thompson Announces Guitar And Songwriting Camp
by Evan Schlansky | Amercian Songwriter

Put down those lanyards, and forget about choosing kickball teams. If you want to learn to play your guitar and write songs like a master, you’ll want to sign up for music legend Richard Thompson’s Frets and Refrains Acoustic Guitar and Songwriting Camp.

Richard Thompson’s Frets And Refrain

"Richard Thompson is leading his own edition of the Music Master Camp Series, sharing his expertise on the guitar and songwriting up in the Catskill Mountains this July." - RT

Richard Thompson to Conduct Music Camp
by Dustin Verburg | SSGmusic

British folk legend Richard Thompson is spearheading his own version of the Music Master Camp Series, which will be called the "Frets And Refrains Acoustic Guitar And Songwriting Camp."

Richard Thompson to Teach Guitar and Songwriting Camp in July
Guitar Player

At Frets and Refrains, all levels will be catered to said Thompson. "Whether you are a guitarist, singer, songwriter, or any combination of these, we will offer ways to improve, rethink and enhance your playing, composing and performing skills." The classes will be given in both large and smaller groups. There will be jam sessions, hikes, swimming, and delicious food.

Hanging With Richard Thompson
Charlie Bermant | No Depression

"There will be a bit of musical osmosis happening, being there will be an extraordinary experience. It will be a 24-hour musical immersion." - RT