New RT 45 Exclusive for RECORD STORE DAY 2012
4/19/2012 (updated 4/21/2012)

The FIFTH annual Record Store Day is April 21, 2012.
Promoting and celebrating the culture of the record store.

Participating Stores

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Richard Thompson's 7" vinyl features LIVE recordings of
Haul Me Up (2011) and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (2008)
and also includes a code to download both tracks
plus a LIVE version of Night Comes In

Haul Me Up (Live)
The Richard Thompson Band
Recorded at the Celtic Connections Festival, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, January 2011. Taken from the DVD “The Richard Thompson Band: Live at Celtic Connections”.

1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Live)
Richard Thompson
Recorded at the Carriage House Theater, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga CA, December 2008.

Digital Download Bonus:
Night Comes In (Live)
Richard Thompson
Recorded at City Winery, New York NY, October 2009.

All songs written by Richard Thompson.
Beeswing Music (BMI)/Admin. by BMG Music
Beeswing Records BSWS01, 2012.

Hanging With Richard Thompson
Charlie Bermant | No Depression

How did you get involved with Record Store Day?

I was asked to participate, it really wasn’t my idea. If I were on my own I wouldn’t know how to approach it. I was happy to be involved but I didn’t have any songs chosen and we didn’t have time to go into the studio and record anything. We had a ten day turnaround from having the idea to having to have something pressed. We were looking for content and were lucky to find some live tracks that were available.

These were takes of songs that were already available. Why do people like hearing different versions?
I wish I knew the answer to that, but I’m glad they do. When you play live it’s different every night, it’s boring to always do the same thing. You play in a larger room, there is a different vibe, and that’s why a different version might be better than the original. You go back several eras, where Louis Armstrong did many versions of the same song over a 20 year period, all recorded in the studio. And people do like to collect different versions, if you are a Grateful Dead fan you want to have every solo that Jerry Garcia recorded. Ever.