Galway to Graceland - World Premiere Play
4/13/2012 (updated 4/13/2012)

Business executive has the heart of a poet and playwright

Mike Sheridan describes "Galway to Graceland" as a psychodrama about a woman living near Galway, Ireland, who is in love with Elvis Presley and believes that she is going to be married to him, so she abandons her family and moves to Graceland.

The plot is based on the song of the same name by guitarist Richard Thompson. Sheridan heard the song played at a Celtic festival, and the story within the song fascinated him. He knew immediately that he wanted to turn it into a play.

"As an aside, I didn't know who Richard Thompson was then," he laughs. "I just looked up who wrote the song, and realized he was one of the most famous guitar players in the world. But I emailed him anyway, and he was generous and open with his time."

"(Thompson) said he was honored that his song would be the theme of the play," says Sheridan. "Of course, I invited him to attend. He said he didn't think he could make it, but asked if we could videotape it."