Q&A April 2012, Part II

It's quite apparent from reading about the Cayamo cruises that you and Buddy Miller enjoy playing together. Given the success of Loud & Rich, might a similar pairing with you and Buddy be a possibility? One could imagine it as a tour a la Loud & Rich or a one-off at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Buddy Rich has a nice ring to it.  (Then again, is such a project even possible given both of your schedules?)

We are involved in a project together, about which - more news soon!

Did your father bring home any interesting souvenirs from the War? Are there any interesting WWII memorabilia in the Thompson households (LA and London)?

A few Nazi things, that he must have sold at some point. There was a Hitler Youth dagger, among other things. His Buffs regimental insignia, 21st Army Group badge, campaign medals - lots of 2 x 2 pictures taken with a reasonable camera of comrades-in-arms lounging around on jeeps, in French restaurants, etc. - that's it.

Had you been born in, say, 1920 instead of 1949, which branch of the service do you imagine the young Richard would have joined after Nazi bombs started falling on Britain?

Oh, army please. People trying to shoot you out of the sky seems pretty terrifying, as does going down with the ship. Submarines, anyone?

How is Danny these days? Will be seeing him in the "bass chair" on future RT projects?

He will be in the bass chair, or even standing, for Cabaret Of Souls, three performances at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, October 26, 27, 28.

I really enjoy how your music sounds when accompanied by an accordionist like John Kirkpatrick (not that I don't enjoy it other times). Can you foresee touring with an accordion player sometime in the future? Thanks. Jesse Hochstad - Brooklyn, New York

I've always enjoyed seeing accordion in your bands, John Kirkpatrick, Alan Dunn and the like. Do you ever consider using accordion today when touring with the band? Considering Pete's incredible versatility, one could imagine him being quite effective on accordion.

I'm always berating Pete for his narrow musical focus - did you know he doesn't play keyboards? I like accordions, and dabble a bit myself on records. If we get to be a stadium band, I'll definitely add one to the line up.

You must be happy with the start of the F1 season with Lewis and Jenson one-two in the driver rankings and McLaren atop the manufacturer standings. What do you think of this year's cars? Richard, once again thank you for taking the time to answer my provocative inquiries! Looking forward to camp! Cheers, Douglas Alan, NYC

Not at time of answering, but I still fancy McClaren to win the Team, and Hamilton the Drivers' Championship. It might all come down to those damn Pirelli tyres.

Patience, patience we are running out of patience in Australia.  Its been years since the great man toured here. When can we expect a visit please? Don't forget to include Brisbane (The Tivoli). Richard Thompson has a great deal of support here and it would be so delightful to be treated to another set of sterling performances. Cheers, Joe Anderiesz

Congratulations on the release of the fantastic DVD, I would have given anything to have been present but I am domiciled in Brisbane.

Two questions please, what happened to 'Bad Again' which was omitted from the DVD and will you be able to tour Australia, in particular Brisbane with the band at some stage in the future? I hope so! Jamie Townsend

The show had to be edited for length. There may have been a technical problem with that track that made it a preferred omission.

My intention and dream is to bring a band to Australia. The economy needs to pick up a little before we can afford to come.