RT Colorado
6/14/2012 (updated 6/15/2012)

Vail Daily
Richard Thompson makes State Bridge debut Friday night

by Caramie Schnell

VD: Many musicians have peaked by the time they hit age 30 but many of your fans think you you're still getting better. What's the secret to your success?

RT: Pretend you're 29. This technique also involves never looking in the mirror. And get yourself some short-sighted and possibly deaf fans.


Boulder Weekly
Special folk - Understated guitar god Richard Thompson thrives in the shade

by Chris Parker

Besides chasing apparitions, Thompson has also cornered a local rhythm section for a "commando raid kind of band." He saw them as perfect for situations like festivals or short jaunts where flying in his far-flung backing band wouldn't make economic sense. After he began composing he took a shine to the format.

"You lack some harmonic definition that you get from a rhythm guitar or a keyboard," he says. "But because of the musicians I have in the trio, it works because they're able to fill in some of the missing parts."

They recorded the album in Nashville at Buddy Miller's (Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant) home studio, cutting 16 tracks in four days. They'll finish mixing it when he returns from tour. He's excited about it.

"We did it ridiculously quickly," he says. "It was just stupid. But it sounds great. It turned out surprisingly funky, sort of a new genre - folk-funk. It's quite snappy, somewhere between Judy Collins and Bootsy Collins."