Q&A June 2012, Part III
7/2/2012 (updated 7/2/2012)

Last month I saw some photos on Facebook of your recording session in Nashville, and wondered if your new electric trio CD has a working title. I had a chance to hear some of the new songs at one of your recent performances, and hope that the one with the tag line 'I saved the best stuff for you' will make the grade. It was quite moving. Also, are any details available regarding the CD's release? Kay Brown

Don't have a title yet… 'Saving The Good Stuff For You' is probably on the CD - as we have 16 tracks, we may have to hive a few off onto an EP or something. We plan release for around February 2013, with major tours starting in the UK and then US to follow.

On a separate and unrelated note, I wondered if you have watched the PBS series 'Downton Abbey', and if so, what are your thoughts? The WWI scenes as well as the young footman's marriage and death reminded me of 'Woods of Darney'. Thanks, as always - Kay Brown

I am addicted to 'Downton'.  I thought they handled the WW1 emotional stuff very well. Apparently the trenches they used are in somebody's back garden - sort of a hobby. I think the sense of period is well done, for something that is really a very classy soap opera.

Any plans to tour with the full band anytime soon?  Also, any plans to come back to Columbus, Ohio anytime soon?

Nice "Kiss Cam" moment at the King's championship game, by the way. That Nancy is a lucky girl! :) Take care, Sharon

As mentioned above, the electric trio will be touring extensively next year, starting on Cayamo in January, then the UK February, and US in March/April - or that's the plan! These things can slide around. I'd be very surprised if we didn't play in Columbus, one of our favourite audiences.

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