Expectations exceeded. Transformative experience. - Jo Dexter

7/19/2012 (updated 8/2/2012)

Richard Thompson - RT

Frets & Refrains:
Richard Thompson's Acoustic Guitar & Songwriting Camp

Chris Maddox: Just got back to Long Island. Frets and Refrains was an experience I will long remember. Many thanks to the Full Moon staff, the instructors and the students. Really cool people all! I would recommend to any guitarist at any level. Looks like there will be another next year!

Thomas Daniel Dwyer: I am overwhelmed...thank you to everyone for such an incredible week.

John Browne: Back in Massachusetts after an inspiring week. I have about a year's worth of new ideas, theory, tunings swimming in my head. Thanks Teddy for encouraging me to write my first lyric after roughly 50 years of guitar playing. Awesome experience.

Jan Bramlett: This was an incredible week. Thanks to Happy Traum for getting me to fingerpick, and to Teddy for such thoughtful songwriting critique, and to Richard for his sharp wit and provocative perspective, and Sloan for her challenge to rise to the occasion. This was an unforgettable experience. Thanks Nancy for all your hard work! And Annaliese for documenting the week's activities. And Simon for lending me those headphones in a critical moment!

Patti Witten: Thanks for everything you and Nancy and your family and the other teachers are doing this week Frets & Refrains: Richard Thompson's Acoustic Guitar & Songwriting Camp. It's truly lovely.

Eddie Karp: What a week !!! Fantastic time !!! Special thanks to our many "hosts" who made us so comfortable and made sure that this was everything it could be. Thanks to all of you !!!! Outstanding hosts !! Nancy gets Camp Mom of The Year !

Bob Wright: Completely amazing experience. Thanks to Nancy and Richard for putting it on, to their talented family for being so nice, helpful, and regular. And thanks to Simon and Bob, Martin, Happy, and Sloane for general awesomeness and openness. A great week.

Douglas Alan Feinstein: I'm still walking on air! I shall never forget my week at F&R.

Mike Ile: Wonderful week! Thanks to all!

Dale G. Leopold: I'll gladly add my thanks to all of the above! Great classes, great campers, great staff and a terrific show!

Fred Ball: A dream week! You all are awesome! Don't forget Simon and Bobby!

Don Goudie: It was that. What a great bunch of people

Lynda Shenkman Curtis: Loved it!

Douglas Alan Feinstein: What an incredible week! I have run out of superlatives!

Ruurd Jansen: One of the best weeks of my life! Thank you all for a wonderful week!

Mike Ile: Sonic Boom!

Matt Getsey: An amazing week!

Sloan Wainwright: I miss everyone, Such a beautiful time together, I am filled with gratitude and joy ! Yeeeehaw !

Andrea Boado: Great week! Thanks to the campers and instructors for sharing their music and stories -- The Groupie

Cynthia Elliott: The sky cried as we drove away from Big Indian; but the sun is shining again and now is the time to start putting all that we've learned to good use.

Jo Dexter: Expectations exceeded. Transformative experience. Plus, my 8 yr old son loves the song I wrote -- he asks me to sing it to him, then bursts into tears when I do [oh those minor key ballads], and then asks me to sing it again immediately. He's requested a copy of the lyrics and now goes around the house singing it. How lucky do I feel that the first song in his life that has moved him to tears is one that I wrote? [And how lucky do I feel that I have such a wonderful son. You should just see his delight at a Richard concert!!] Anyway, my gratitude for all of this exceeds what I can say. Thank you, everyone, for being so welcoming to a concertina player....

Lauren Page: The whole thing was FANTASTIC and more than a little overwhelming...but this morning I woke up and wrote an entire whole song as if all the all the 'instructors' were whispering in my ear guiding me! (can't attest to it's quality but STILL! : ) Thanks to all you generous patient souls!

Jeanne Fishman: Second night away from camp and missing everyone - it was unforgettable. To all I met and all I took away I feel so lucky. Wish we had a reunion!

June Pepper: I miss everyone! Thank you so much for a truly amazing, inspiring, and transformative week. we are a special group, as we'll ever be alumni of the 'First Annual(?)' Frets & Refrains. Hooray everyone!

Sandra Goudie: It was a great week, wasn't it? Speaking as a non-participating spouse, it was a fantastic event. Music, music, music, fresh air, lovely locale, new friends, more music, music, music, tasty food, superb staff and tons of talented entertainment.

Susie Fitzgerald Music: Mind-blowing experience in all directions! I love camp. Thanks everyone. xo

Doreen Mastandrea: I laughed, I cried, I did not sleep!! Such a wonderful experience. I am so happy I did this.

Joe Smothers: What an opportunity! My sincerest thanks to all the hard work that went into making this one of the best and most important weeks of my life. I will return in 2013 a better guitarist thanks to Richard, Martin and Happy. God bless all the folks who treated me with respect and care.

Brian M McConnell: Wow!!!!!!! What a fantastic time. The bees were singing! AND we are doing it again next year!!! How perfect....... All of the coaches were amazing, and I especially enjoyed Mr. Simpson, what an excellent choice by RT. And Simon is A mazing...........


July 16-20, 2012