Featuring All Star Cast including Django Placebo! (RT)

10/22/2012 (updated 10/31/2012)

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Alias Nation by Bobby Icon

Alias Nation

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Bobby Icon/Alias Nation was a labor of love and most of all a lot of fun to create. The joy of making music with friends and associates from as far as London/New York//LA/Trondheim Norway as well as right here in good old Austin Texas. My aim was writing and making music for the sake of music instead of "calculated" product. We recorded in places ranging from Hotel Rooms, Tour busses, Backstage Areas, Dressing Rooms and occasionally at a studio! When and where ever the opportunity would allow us to record we would.

My simple concept was putting the players into situations and songs they would not usually be playing in with the hope of a few grins and some very interesting results. Example: Pete Zorn on Bari Sax and Warren Hood on violin playing on a slamming hard rock instrumental. Richard Thompson playing solos on a funky techno fusion tune. Danny Thompson who has never done a vocal in his 50 + year career doing a vocal. Michael Jerome and Cindy Cashdollar always comfortable doing anything you throw at them. Hence the title "Alias Nation" where everyone is wearing a different hat and persona as well as a different name just for the fun of it.

Who in the world could Django Placebo be....Or Sexual Tarasment....Yikes...:)

I do hope you will enjoy the music. Bobby

Bobby Icon CD

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Bobby Icon: Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keys/Percussion
Trance Twylee: Vocals
M Tripple J: Drum Kit
Hoodie: Violin
Ozzarocof: Organ

BonecrusherZ Lament
Bobby Icon: Guitars/Bass/Synth
M Tripple J: Drums
Danger Man: Bass
Zen Porter: Bari Sax
Hood: Violin
Atherton Moon: Metal God Scream

Bobby Icon: Vocals/Guitar/Basses/Keys
M Tripple J: Drums

Bobby Icon: Guitars
Proppa "G": Vocals/ Bass
M Tripple J: Drums

Ho' Bitch Mamma
Bobby Icon: All Male Vocal Parts/ All Instruments
Erin & Ina: Female Vocal Parts
Hood: Violins

Unmanned Drone
Bobby Icon: Guitars/Bass/Percussion
Django Placebo: Guitar
M Tripple J: Drum Kit
Baduya Bling: Slap Bass

Mention Of Your Name
Bobby Icon: Guitars
Django: Guitar
M Tripple J : Drums
Elmont: Bass
Ozzarocof: Organ
Bling: Fretless Bass Part

Forget About Me
Bobby Icon: Vocals/Guitars/Drums/Keys
Lex: Vocals
Honey Money: Lap Steel Guitar
Elmont Tung: Bass
Ozzarocof: Organ

Mamma Don't
Bobby Icon: Vocals/Guitar/Drums
Sexual Tarassment: Bass
Django Placebo: Guitar
Honey Money: Lap Steel Guitar

Sunday Afternoon
Bobby Icon: Guitars/Bass/Drums
Django Placebo: Guitar

Merry Go Round
Bobby Icon: Guitars/Drums/Percussion
Honey Money: Steel Guitar
Baduya Bling: Bass

Inbetweenies and silly sonic tidbits:
"Men of A Certain Age"
Electric Guitar: Mr. Placebo
E bow Guitar/Voice: Mr. Icon
WW II Horn Section
Voice: Icon

The Cast
Robert Charles Eichorn as Bobby Icon
Michael Jerome as M. Tripple J.
Danny Thompson as Proppa "G"
Richard Thompson as Django Placebo
Cindy Cashdollar as Honey Money
Warren Hood as Hoodie B. Good
Pete Zorn as Zen Porter
Taras Prodaniuk as Sexual Tarasment
Maria Ornelas as Trance Twylee
Lex Grey as Lex Gracious
Tony Harnell as Atherton Moon
Manny Focorazzo as Ozzarocof
George Panos as Elmont Tung
Kyle Esposito as Baduya Bling
Ina Le Tekro as Baby Doll
Danny Miranda as Danger Man

Harvey Summers; Additional Engineer Broadoak Studios England
Will Golden: Additional Engineer Chalet Studios Los Angeles
Ina “Baby” Le?Tekro & Erin Hobson: Additional Vocals
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Bobby "Icon" Eichorn at his
Silver Shot Studio, Austin, TX
All songs composed by Robert Charles Eichorn © Happy Hat Music BMI
Hatmosphere (R.Eichorn/D Thompson) © Happy Hat Music (BMI)
© SGO Music Publishing Ltd / Bug Music (BMI)
BadunkAdunk (R. Eichorn/ M Jerome) © Happy Hat Music BMI/MMJerome ASCAP
Art & Cover design: Trance/Icon

Bobby would like to thank everyone that participated in the making of this CD.
Better friends a man couldn't ask for.