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10/11/2012 (updated 2/11/2013)

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October 2012

October is "Cabaret of Souls" Month!!!!

First, the "Cabaret of Souls" CD featuring music from Richard Thompson's folk oratorio of the same name is now available for immediate shipping! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. We are happy to announce that discs will be shipping today. At the present time, the "Cabaret of Souls" CD is only available for purchase online at:

Learn more about Richard Thompson's Cabaret of Souls CD here:

Discs will also be available at Richard's live shows soon so be on the lookout at the merchandise table shortly.

In case you aren't familiar with this amazing piece of music, let us tell you a bit about "Cabaret of Souls". The show was first performed at Penn State in June 2009 and has only had two other performances since. In describing how this music came about Richard said,

"I was asked to write a piece featuring Danny (Thompson) for the International Society of Bassists convention... I strayed somewhat from the brief to keep it to about ten minutes long - it runs at 80 minutes! As a songwriter, I thought it would be less of a stretch to compose a song cycle, and it just got longer and longer... Thematically, it's the Human Comedy, a satire on those we love to hate - why, it even has a critic! I took about a year to study writing for strings, and another six months figuring out the computer notation programme, and with a little help from Peter Askim, our conductor, it sounds not too bad!"

Not too bad, indeed! The show was performed again at London's Royal Festival Hall as part of Richard's Meltdown Festival in the summer of 2010 and one other time at Royce Hall in Los Angeles, although sans Danny Thompson. One reviewer wrote of that performance, "One hugely impressive aspect of the production was that on every level the concert hall was turned into the In Between, not heaven or hell, but a rather boring place with no chance of escape. With so much time on their hands the waiting souls in the In Between sang about their mortal lives and we listened. Everyone who was part of the show, onstage or off, in the lobby or in the theater, was in costume and it surrounded the audience to marvelous effect!"

The Souls will once again walk the stage this month - this time at the intimate Broad Stage in Santa Monica. This upcoming production will be the first ever multi-night run and will feature a new string ensemble as well as the reuniting of the original cast members, including Danny Thompson (flying in from the UK just for these 3 performances) along with exciting new staging, costumes and a few other very nice surprises! Many people feel this is Richard Thompson at his very best so do not miss this opportunity!

Click here for ticketing for Cabaret Of Souls October 26, 27 & 28:

Learn more about Cabaret of Souls: and

"Cabaret of Souls" CDs will also be available at the performances in Santa Monica at The Broad Stage.


New Trio Record to be released in 2013!

Get ready for new music! The recordings Richard made with producer Buddy Miller in Nashville earlier this year are slated to be released in early 2013. Richard made the record at Buddy's home studio and the tracks feature RT Trio regulars Michael Jerome on drums and Taras Prodaniuk on bass with additional help from bassist Dennis Crouch and fiddle great Stuart Duncan. Also, you'll be hearing the angelic voices of Alison Krauss and Siobhan Kennedy on backing vocals. Buddy Miller has previously produced records for/with Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Solomon Burke, Carolina Chocolate Drops as well as the Grammy Award winning "Downtown Church" album for Patty Griffin.

When asked how he felt about recording with Richard, Miller said,

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with one of my all-time musical heroes and very intimidated to be in the same room with him since I stole all my guitar licks from him!"

We think you are going to love this album and plans are under way for lots of tour dates to support the release, so stay tuned for more news.