Q&A November 2012, Part II
12/3/2012 (updated 12/3/2012)

Never mind atoms, how can I buy Electric as a download? Mark Iliff

It will be available as wave rather than atom. It's not available as anything yet.



1. Apologies if this has been asked and answered before. It was a great surprise at Cropredy back in August when your "solo" set grew to include surprise guests Pete Zorn, Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg. In particular I don't think it had been announced in advance that Pete Z would be at Cropredy. I really enjoyed that set. I was wondering how far in advance that was planned and how much rehearsal there was.

It was discussed maybe 4 months in advance, and a song list was agreed upon. We rehearsed for about 15 minutes before the Woodford Halse show (without Zorn) and then did it, but most of the material was chosen for its familiarity.

2. Just curious: in Cabaret Of Souls, why did you decide to replace the song "Time's Gonna Break You" with "Run Judas Run" in between the original 2009 performance in Pennsylvania and the most recent 2012 versions (CD and Santa Monica performance)? I have my own theories and guesses but I am curious to hear in your own words.

Run Judas is, I think, a stronger song, Also, there is another song in march tempo due to be added to the show.

3. What format will your shows on Cayamo 2013 be? Last time around there were Solo, Trio, Loud and Rich, etc. This time will there be a "Thompson Family" show with Teddy and Kami? Any other hints about what we should expect on the cruise? Thanks in advance --Brian Miller (California)

There will be 3 RT Trio shows, one RT solo, and probably a lot of sitting in and family shenanigans.

Re: 1000 Years of Popular Music question
When we heard the 1000 Years of Popular Music show at Royce Hall I was moved by London Pride.  Do you plan to release this?  Perhaps on your website?  Are you burned out by rarities releases? Julie Taron

That is a great Noel Coward song, but I couldn't find a recorded version of it from any tapes of 1,000 Years.

Every time I think there can't be any more rarities, a few more pop up. It's more a case of - are you burned out by rarities?


While waiting for the Missus at the pharmacy, I opened a copy of Arnold's autobiography, assuming that he would have seen fit to make mention of his former mentor somewhere in the pages.  Alas, the index did not yield a mention of "Thompson, Richard".  Are you insulted?  Relieved?  Don't care?  The Arnold stories were probably the most hilarious of your "News from Home" feature. Any chance you could regale us with a previously unpublished Arnold episode… for old time's sake?

I thought you meant Matthew Arnold… aah, I see… the Governator cuts a sad figure these days, skulking round the neighbourhood, begging for change, the fleet of Hummers stripped for spare parts. The book will at least put some food in his mouth.

On a totally unrelated subject - have you soured on Bettman yet? Thanks. Brian Hayes - Ottawa  ON

You're right, he's a miserable creep. The fans' strike next season is going to come as a terrible shock to him.

Re: I am a beekeeper and have always been fascinated by the fact that the RT site is wrapped around a bee's wing... how did that come about-- don't change a thing!! Love you man!! Been seeing every year for the past 4 years and will make it 5 in Tallahassee, FL next January! Until then... Lisa

I have a song called Beeswing, named after a small town in Dumfriesshire, and it spins on from there. I involuntarily keep a few carpenter bees.


I've always been fascinated by the song 'Cajun Woman' and always wondered what exactly the lyrics were about? Please could you offer some explanation? Thanks. Russell

This is the story of Electra, translated through a psychedelic haze. It is set in a swamp for no logical reason.