Q&A November 2012, Part III
12/2/2012 (updated 12/2/2012)

How do you feel about Lewis Hamilton's move to Mercedes? Good or bad for his career and visibility? As a professed fan of the boys from Woking, will support Lewis as a driver for Team Mercedes? Will Jenson Button become your favorite driver from Team McLaren? Are you impressed with his replacement, Sergio Perez?

I think Lewis has jumped sideways or possibly backwards, but I'll always be a fan. I love Jenson too. Haven't managed to see Perez yet.

Did you watch the U.S. Grand Prix on TV? If so, did you enjoy the race? Were you impressed with the Circuit of the Americas? It seems as if Austin welcomed the F-1 crowd with open arms.

I missed it, but it's really good news for Austin - definitely the right town.

It appears as of this writing that Sebastian Vettel has the Driver's Championship locked up. Given that he has won three in a row, do you think he has the talent to match Michael Schumacher's F-1 accomplishments (7 driver's championships)?

As with Schumacher, it all depends on the team. I don't actually think he's as good a driver.

Are you a James Bond fan? If so, which is your favorite James Bond film? More importantly, who is your favorite Bond?

Sean Connery #1, Daniel Craig #2. My favourite film might be the one with Lazenby - maybe because it feature Diana Rigg.

You've mentioned here that Bernard Hermann is one of your favorite film composers. Many film buffs associate Hermann's work with Alfred Hitchcock, which begs the question, what is your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

My favourite might be North By Northwest, but there are a lot of contenders. Psycho does have maybe my favourite Hermann score.



You've often said that listening to your father's Django Reinhardt records was a major influence on your playing. I'm curious to know if you've ever played Django's signature guitar, the Maccaferri, a.k.a. Selmer Maccaferri? [] They certainly sound great on the recordings of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, whether played as a solo or rhythm instrument. Did you know that Al Bowlly played a Maccaferri?

I believe Django always recorded with the oval-hole Maccferri. I've tried them all, and there are some good knock-offs out there too. They are perfect for the gypsy jazz thing, and if there were more room in the guitar cupboard, I'd get one. Yes, I've seen pictures of Bowlly with one.