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1/18/2013 (updated 1/18/2013)

An Interview with Richard Thompson
by Johnny Whalley on 18 January, 2013

I do enjoy humour and, if I'm sitting around with my friends, then jokes happen. I think that's a British thing. Someone said the British can’t go 3 sentences without making a joke. So I think humour is culturally built in to me.

In interviews and with friends, but what about on stage?

On stage, I use it as a tool to get me out of what I think might be embarrassing situations, and to help my stage persona. I'm basically shy and it's something I have to try to overcome so I try to be funny. Also, I think people perceive my songs as serious and so to have a humorous stage persona helps to break up the mood a little bit. So it makes those songs more effective.

The trio for the forthcoming UK tour features Taras Prodaniuk on bass and Michael Jerome on drums, two musicians Richard has played with extensively in recent years. They formed the core of the band that toured the Dream Attic material in 2010/11. The new tour will, naturally, showcase material from the Electric album, and, yes, Richard confirmed, there will be material from the 60s onwards, "5 or 6 songs from the new album and then a bunch of stuff that, hopefully, people would like to hear".

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