PHOTOS & REVIEW: Thompson Family on Cayamo
1/19/2013 (updated 2/7/2013)

Richard, Teddy, and Kami Thompson
recorded an episode of the
Buddy (Miller) and Jim (Lauderdale) radio show for
the SiriusXM Satellite Outlaw Country channel.

Photos: © Brian Miller

Cayamo's Sixth Annual Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
Posted by Charlie Bermant, No Depression

... "If that wasn't enough, Miller and sidekick Jim Lauderdale hosted a taping of their radio show broadcast weekly on Sirius XM. The original plan was to devote the show to the Thompson family; Richard and his son Teddy and daughter Kami were all present and the idea was to broadcast an unprecedented collaboration. But Teddy got seasick so Buddy and Jim pulled together an alternate show featuring Colvin, Dead Flamingoes (Kami Thompson's band) and the unbilled Larry Campbell...

...The Thompson family opportunity was too good to pass up, so on Friday Miller and Lauderdale taped a hastily-assembled second show in the ship's library."