Fan Questions and Answers II
9/7/2003 (updated 10/11/2003)

RdC: Your solo shows usually feature a variable set list, though most recent band tours seem to follow a pretty rigid setlist and structure. Why not rehearse a couple of more songs so you can change the band shows around a bit. Some, and I admit this may be a little sad :-), people will attend more than 1 show!

I always wish sets could vary more for the benefit if those who would like to attend multiple shows. I like the idea of a 'Dead'- style revolving set-list – but that was a band that played together regularly, had a loose-structured approach to music, and for my money, were deeply inconsistent, and only hit any kind of groove about once every three nights - I don't think my fan-base would countenance that kind of sloppiness. But there must be a middle ground, and in future I would like to have a more flexible set, but it would require more time for the band to be together. I felt that versions of songs were improving every night over the course of touring this year, the grooves were getting deeper, the telepathy was hitting more often, and that just comes from playing on a regular basis. Although we dropped and replaced 4 or 5 songs over the year, and had 2 or three alternates in certain positions, I didn't feel bored with playing a song for the 50th time - I was always finding new and better things in the performance. Thinking back to the early 80s, playing with Clive, Christine, John K – we would do several 2-show nights on a tour, for which we had a repertoire of about 30 songs, so we wouldn't repeat ourselves.our show this year was running at about 2 hours 15 mins., playing about 23 songs from a repertoire of about 28. So shows being longer has made us a bit less flexible, and we'll have to look at ways to vary it more from night to night.

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