INTERVIEW: MUSIC RADAR - Thompson tells of his Nashville jaunt to make latest record
2/6/2013 (updated 2/6/2013)

Richard Thompson talks analogue recording,
singing in the kitchen and Electric

I had a few names on lists I'd drawn up since the last record, and Buddy's name was always near the top, because just about everything he's done in the last few years has really impressed me. I think he recorded at least part of Robert Plant's Band Of Joy album [on which Thompson's own House Of Cards was covered] at his home studio, I loved the Majestic Silver Strings project he did with Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot. He also produced a Solomon Burke record that I thought was tremendous.

He's the kind of producer who brings to the project whatever is required, he doesn't bring any ego. He'll sit in and play a bit of guitar if it's needed, but he's just as happy not to, he doesn't feel compelled to put too many of his own fingerprints on the record, but he's always ready with good suggestions.

I have to give full credit to Michael Jerome and Taras Prodaniuk, our drummer and bass player, for being such great musicians and nailing their parts so quickly.

Is there any guitar on Electric that was new to you?

I picked one off the wall at Buddy's house, an old Guild Excelsior, a small hollow-bodied guitar that I used to pick out the melody on the track Salford Sunday. I think it has a delicate sound that perfectly suited the delicacy of the song. I'd never played one before, I just looked at it there on the wall and got a sense that it would be a good fit.

Terry Staunton, Music Radar